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The Sun kept settingsetting—still
Emily Dickinson
The Sun kept settingsetting—still No Hue of Afternoon— Upon the Village I perceived From House to House 'twas Noon— The Dusk kept dropping—droppi...Rate it

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A beautiful setting
Darren C Swartland
Sunset blossoms in skies garden A sunflower radiating the horizon, dazzling blues reflected by ocean endowing a days end with fortune.Rate it

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A Song of the setting sun
Ernest Christopher Dowson
A song of the setting sun! The sky in the west is red, And the day is all but done; While yonder up overhead, All too soon, There rises so cold the...Rate it

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After the Setting Sun
Norman Wilson
After the Setting Sun She is going to leave me in the evening after the setting sun when the world turns once over in front of everyone My heart w...Rate it

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Ode To The Setting Sun
Francis Thompson
Alpha and Omega, sadness and mirth, The springing music, and its wasting breath-- The fairest things in life are Death and Birth, And of these two ...Rate it

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Ode To The Setting Sun - Prelude
Francis Thompson
The wailful sweetness of the violin Floats down the hush-ed waters of the wind, The heart-strings of the throbbing harp begin To long in aching mus...Rate it

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Purple Skies Setting
Erika Ziegenfus Byrd
Purple skies are setting The stage for evening fun Replaced by sparkling diamonds Free jewels for everyone Night time is for dreaming The bed is so...Rate it

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Sci-Fi Setting To A Fantasy Romance
you're the prettiest alien i ever made love to and my tongue still tastes like your tendrils starry-eyed you were the super-nova i'd always hoped f...Rate it

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Setting It Free
Kurt Philip Behm
Poets, Special Forces Of the literary world Rescuing confusion, And then Setting it free (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2017)Rate it

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Setting The Ghost Free
Kurt Philip Behm
The emptiness between Hemingway’s words is a hollow sound that stays in your mind The space creates distance as the Old Man wanted, from the r...Rate it

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Sun Setting on Me
Luke A, Fink
I thought I saw a silver lining But I guess I was wrong I thought I saw a moment of morning glory But again I was led astray I felt I heard your he...Rate it

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The House’s Setting
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
HERE is no hedge of yewe to hold in griefe, No cypresse nor long willow for despaire. But the young birch displayes his cheerfulle leaf In tracerie...Rate it

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The Last Setting Sun
Kurt Philip Behm
He defeated his family… this battle was won The war still in doubt, a General shunned The casualties lingered, fatalities mount Old reasons to ...Rate it

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The Setting Of The Moon
Count Giacomo Leopardi
As, in the lonely night, Above the silvered fields and streams Where zephyr gently blows, And myriad objects vague, Illusions, that deceive, Their ...Rate it

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The Setting Sachem
Ambrose Bierce
'Twas an Injin chieftain, in feathers all fine, Who stood on the ocean's rim; There were numberless leagues of excellent brine But there wasn't eno...Rate it

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The Setting Sun
Swarup Bhattacharya
I can see that distant horizon Where sun is setting down, I can see death is approaching wearing victorious crown. The sky is tinted with gold tha...Rate it

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The Setting Sun
George Moses Horton
'Tis sweet to trace the setting sun Wheel blushing down the west; When his diurnal race is run, The traveller stops the gloom to shun, And lodg...Rate it

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Underneath this setting sun.
I love the setting sun. It’s gold. It’s amber. It's dusky pinks. My soul restores in this light. Its nestles in. This is home. Air is cooling at ...Rate it

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Without The Slightest Of Hindrance Setting In.
Nikhil Parekh
Before I could even realize that it was "Day"; or relish its brilliantly optimistic light; the dolorously maiming horizons of evening set...Rate it

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