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My body Is the landscape Over which You wish to roam Explore Discover New territory To claim for your own I am no longer an easy surrender ...Rate it

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Ada Cambridge
Bright eyes, sweet lips, with sudden fevers fill My strong blood, running wildly, as it must; But lips and eyes too soon beget distrust. A soft tou...Rate it

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Andrei Ciolac
When I seek you and you are Only cane and water grass, Water lily, sunny weather And a delta for my soul, An archaic fish - my hand Sliding in the...Rate it

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Mathilde Blind
In many a shape and fleeting apparition, Sublime in age or with clear morning eyes, Ever I seek thee, tantalising Vision, Which beckoning flies....Rate it

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A Hammer Seeking a Nail
Robert Haigh
Yes, he was a hammer, seeking a nail; She was a sweet girl, so precious and frail. It seemed like a mismatch; one forged in hell. But strange thin...Rate it

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Seeking recovery
I scream out in silence to overcome the pain, My thoughts are vast and empty,driving me insane I reach out to touch you,I...Rate it

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Whom Are You Seeking?
Donka Kristeva
The day has come, day to witness with the rising sun-- divine purposes fulfilled. May the heart be still, it knows that steadfast is the Spirit th...Rate it

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Whom are you seeking?
Donka Kristeva
My days are not yet come, days to witness with the rising sun, divine purposes fulfilled. But, may the heart be still, it knows that steadfast is t...Rate it

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Always Seeking, Never to be Found Here
Donald Vess
Always just out of reach, our next desire, never satisfied, always wanting more... It is the way of the mind, never complete, walking on a rocky mo...Rate it

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William Watson
God-seeking thou hast journeyed far and nigh. On dawn-lit mountain-tops thy soul did yearn To hear His trailing garments wander by; And where 'mid ...Rate it

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moving. slowly. seeking. only. (you)
Lisa Caponiti
across the summer trees, turning into fall- i yearn for Your self. (my pondering will not stall!) across the neighborhood forest, i listen for you...Rate it

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Olney Hymn 33: Seeking The Beloved
William Cowper
To those who love the Lord I speak; Is my Beloved near? The Bridegroom of my soul I seek, Oh! when will He appear? Though once a man of grief ...Rate it

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Seeking Beauty
William Henry Davies
Cold winds can never freeze, nor thunder sour The cup of cheer that Beauty draws for me Out of those Azure heavens and this green earth -- I dri...Rate it

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Seeking For Happiness
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Seeking for happiness we must go slowly; The road leads not down avenues of haste; But often gently winds through by ways lowly, Whose hidden pleas...Rate it

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Seeking Solace
Nikhil Parekh
When I felt that the pace of life was overwhelmingly hectic; I sought solace in the blissful backdrop of the mystical valley, When I felt that my...Rate it

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Seeking the Beloved
William Cowper
To those who love the Lord I speak; Is my Beloved near? The Bridegroom of my soul I seek, Oh! when will He appear? Though once a man of grief ...Rate it

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Seeking Work on the Up Up and Away
Tibe Patrick Jordan
How I long for the Justice League! For my boyhood heroes of table top kingdoms and early afternoon strokes of paint and pencil. Where is Race Banon...Rate it

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The Seeking Of The Waterfall
John Greenleaf Whittier
They left their home of summer ease Beneath the lowland's sheltering trees, To seek, by ways unknown to all, The promise of the waterfall. Some va...Rate it

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Thoughts of a job-seeking rambler
Muhammad Naveed Ahmed
O my mirror self what to do? O my dark shadow what to do? Days in this city With me out in search of work Nights in this city seeking Jobs tha...Rate it

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When the Astronomer stops seeking
Emily Dickinson
When the Astronomer stops seeking For his Pleiad's Face— When the lone British Lady Forsakes the Arctic Race When to his Covenant Needle The Sailo...Rate it

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