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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
LIFE has dark secrets; and the hearts are few That treasure not some sorrow from the world-- A sorrow silent, gloomy, and unknown, Yet colouring...Rate it

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Secrets are just a way to hide the truths. And most of the time they just end up bringing more and more pain to you and those around you. So why do...Rate it

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Joe fritz
In the darkest corner of my soul Lies the darkest secret That takes its toll Keeping it hid So no eyes may see Telling no truths Is the way it must...Rate it

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Lola Ridge
INTERIM The earth is motionless And poised in space… A great bird resting in its flight Between the alleys of the stars. It is the wind'...Rate it

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Wallace Dean LaBenne
Everyone has secrets. Some offer lots of fun. Many are quite toxic which only shock or stun. There are sinful secrets that paralyze with shame. St...Rate it

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"Secrets of a Drummond."
Dwight Drummond.
Secrets from a Drummond that has bared the pain of heartbreak throughout the years. I've seen the reality of loneliness; though not being in love w...Rate it

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A Man Young And Old: IX. The Secrets Of The Old
William Butler Yeats
I have old women's secrets now That had those of the young; Madge tells me what I dared not think When my blood was strong, And what had drowned a ...Rate it

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Deep dark secrets.
Sunil Bhatia
Deep dark secrets Languishing in private domain, Somewhere in a closet In the corner of my brain. Or is it a place hidden, some hole ? At the bott...Rate it

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Deep Ocean Of Secrets
Nikhil Parekh
Be it belonging to the infinitesimally irate ant; who traversed an infinite steps in its journey from the bottom of the majestic dinner table; to i...Rate it

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Dirty Little Secrets
John Jessup Kennan
I'm not awake enough for two You're just awake enough for none I can't feel enough for two You only feel enough for numb I'm really only slightly d...Rate it

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Divine Dirty Secrets
Derrick Puente
As you defecate on your microphone On the pulpit of harlotry Reason with violence, you're in a delusion A slave to a knaves history: The Book...Rate it

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Everyone Has Secrets
Wallace LaBenne
Everyone Has Secrets Secrets are pandemic whether they're held or told: covert, furtive, stealthy, elusive, sly and bold. There are sinfu...Rate it

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HAIKU - Secrets of the sea.
tj hatton
Neptune hides them well In a place where no one dwells Under a giant shell.Rate it

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Love-secrets (haiku poem)
Muhammad Naveed Ahmed
Glory of the hills, Shares night's love-secrets with light, And romantic lores.Rate it

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Meadow Of Secrets
Bobby Ferguson
Here in our meadow of secrets birds kiss your every sigh, spring of love flows from you pastures of green.. pray I die. Melt my touch with a butte...Rate it

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Night’s Secrets
Does the full moon scream for mercy in the reflecting sunlight? Do the stars sing in harmony as the silky twilight sets in? The pond seems quiet, A...Rate it

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Sea Secrets (PIM)
Linda D. Blakely
Silky sea secrets cradled warm wind sand clouds shivers against thirsty ocean wave freedom blows future fears soaking into past...Rate it

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Secrets Hold the Truth
Lauren R
Secrets. They are the things that make or break us. Hold us together by the strings in friendships and relationships. But also cause us to pull apa...Rate it

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Secrets Of Sahara
Kumar Kamal
summer breezes,lover kisses romance in the rainbow,I bow down 2 kiss her elbow taste of rain,silence of the silence,feel of snow;moonbeams waltz on...Rate it

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Secrets on silence
Lori Dixon
Secrets on silence. Burns a hole inside. Deep. (And) continues to burn. Until! The reality of the pain sets in. Then healing begins. Through not be...Rate it

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The Beach and it’s secrets
Tomisin Joel
The beach is full, with one spot left. I pounce to get this making a cleft. The sky is blue, the ocean’s cool Whilst an old lady, unpacks her gruel...Rate it

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The Secrets Of Divine Love Are To Be Kept
William Cowper
Sun! stay thy course, this moment stay-- Suspend the o'er flowing tide of day, Divulge not such a love as mine, Ah! hide the mystery divine; Lest m...Rate it

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The secrets of Poet
Sumit Datta
To nudge the divine Is his craving, Sweetest memories Are his savings, Sprawling the lyric of love He earns his livings.Rate it

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The Secrets We Keep
doreka vaughn
The Secrets We Keep Words unsaid, thoughts we keep in our head, whispers beneath our breath full of dread. These secrets we keep to ourselves, sta...Rate it

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Whispered Secrets (PIM)
Linda D. Blakely
Whispered secrets remembering early glass years understanding through rainy eyes delicious surprise stream's smoothly unrhymed, unclimbed only rest...Rate it

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