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Kristy Marsello
I write the scars on my body into words you could never comprehend, I bite my lip until I can taste the blood, would you ever understand? I used to...Rate it

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Robert Koss
Everyone has their own set of scars From moments in their lives where things fell apart When someone hurts your feelings, or laughs in your face To...Rate it

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John Lowe
Scars inside hurt worse than those out. Racing through his mind making him shout. Constantly fighting the strong desire to end it all. Taking the c...Rate it

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NN Young
His scars tell the story Of the pain that he’s endured Scars on the surface The heart within can’t be cured I wish that I could take it The sca...Rate it

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Sherry Lyn Bradley
Between the shadows of the past within reflections, mirrored glass I see the hurt. It's holding fast beneath the smiling face. Among the memories,...Rate it

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Chris Nemeth
When I loved you more than the whiskey and you were the only drug I needed I asked you to marry me and bought you a diamond ring I was proud when i...Rate it

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Life's Scars
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
They say the world is round, and yet I often think it square, So many little hurts we get From corners here and there. But one great truth in life ...Rate it

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Immortal Scars
Y. Christine Drew
Shame I can not shake ugliness clearly put on display. Shattered heart never mended life written upon my flesh. Apologetic for unfading scars Regre...Rate it

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A Mother Left These Scars in Her Wake
Jessie Ní Leacaí
This exploited effort has left me hallowed and hardened. Yet we know not needfully of what our purpose is proposed. And how dust dances around my f...Rate it

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Acne Scars
Benjiman Symmes
He was teased and felt like a disgrace As they laughed at the acne on his face He didn't want to but he felt he needed to change Get rid of acne an...Rate it

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Battle Scars
BlackAngel Evo
The silver sharpness glided through my skin I waited for the pain but none came Tears of blood streamed down my wrist I waited for the pain But non...Rate it

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Can I Kiss Away Your Scars?
Love, it breaks my heart To know all your heartbreaks And that you still haven’t forgiven Yourself for those past mistakes It made me cry To hear ...Rate it

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cycle of scars
my soul is in a raindrop blindly gravitates towards the sun's intense being obliviously falls into the trap of man's greatest flaw: love sits in a...Rate it

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Life's Scars (Poem No. 604)
Ging Alburo D.
Life's scars According to them, "The world is round"; But why it is like a rubber ball that bounce? I often think its hexagon, 'Cause so many Twis...Rate it

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No Visible Scars
Jennifer Leigh Hare
"I got it when I was two," he says as I trace back time through a line on his chest. Thinking about a heart removed, replaced, then gone again. Si...Rate it

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Scars Of Experience
Kurt Philip Behm
How do you teach Poetics, can experience be forged Maybe Emily will share her secret, what did she explore How can you convert a feeling, ...Rate it

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Unseen Scars
BlackAngel Evo
Crouched on the floor So vulnerable and scared Her hair in turmoil So wild with red Her skin puckered and patterned From the beating she once rece...Rate it

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