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Jennifer Optional Kemp
Saved from darkness Saved to light Saved from death Saved to life Saved from h*** Saved to heaven Saved from satan Saved by Jesus for eternityRate it

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By Grace Are Ye Saved
Daniel Webster Moody
In grace the holy God Did full salvation plan, Electing in His sovereign grace To save rebellious man. Refrain By grace are ye saved thro’ faith,...Rate it

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Can I Be Saved?
Ricky Berry
Darkness is subjective, To you, it brings the night sky, white paint splattered over a black canvas, Left over residue from a masterpiece of a mo...Rate it

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Just lost, when I was saved!
Emily Dickinson
Just lost, when I was saved! Just felt the world go by! Just girt me for the onset with Eternity, When breath blew back, And on the other side I he...Rate it

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Look Unto Me, And Be Ye Saved
John Newton
As the serpent raised by Moses Healed the burning serpent's bite; Jesus thus himself discloses To the wounded sinner's sight: Hear his gracious inv...Rate it

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Saved and Uttered
Vladislav Martynovitch
Saved and Uttered Saved the life be And let be salvation endowed On the One who for We Coming higher renowned Among forces to living And breathing...Rate it

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Saved By Creation
Rosco daw
Say goodbye to gravity as we fall deep into the realms of insanity. Where lost souls rejoice for the death of reality, and words are tainted with h...Rate it

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Saved By Creation 2.0
Rosco daw
I lay here with my eyes wide open. I draw the blinds but the blinds aren't closing. I'm so alone and cold that my toes are frozen over. The drugs h...Rate it

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Saved By The Name
Janice Thomas
He took our sins to Calvary Totally took the blame If you will just listen You'll be saved by the name There is no one -anywhere Who will ever be ...Rate it

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Saved From Night
Jennifer Lisa Mandeville
Alone in the darkness No lights to be found Alone by myself Not a soul around I hide in the doorway Undecided where to go On the side with light an...Rate it

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Saved From Sins' Swamps(Haiku)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Drowning in sin's swamp Christ pulled me out, cleaned me up And robed me with joy.Rate it

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Saved From Swamp Of Sins(Haiku)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Drowning in sin's swamp Christ pulled me out, cleaned me up And robed me with joy.Rate it

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Saved you!
Poetic ER
I had a choice to let you die. Instead, I dialed 911 Emergency only to hear, what's your location and your emergency. I sat and watched you foam at...Rate it

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Jamie Cannon
Putting my feelings into words, Impossible. For my feelings for you are, Incomprehensible. If I could let you see the effect you have on me, You wo...Rate it

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The Province of the Saved
Emily Dickinson
The Province of the Saved Should be the Art—To save— Through Skill obtained in Themselves— The Science of the Grave No Man can understand But He t...Rate it

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to be saved
Save me from this hell, from this life I walk dead, From the numbness, from the pain, fear, uncertainty, confusion. Save me from me, What I would...Rate it

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Uncle Ned’s Tales: How The Flag Was Saved
John Boyle O'Reilly
‘TWAS a dismal winter's evening, fast without came down the snow, But within, the cheerful fire cast a ruddy, genial glow O'er our pleasant little...Rate it

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You Saved Me
Ashleigh Gray
I never thought I'd feel this way, after all my heart's been through; that I would have the chance to love again, with someone wonderful like you. ...Rate it

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you saved me (senryu)
gregory ramos
why did you save me comfortable in my life because you loved me Rate it

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Your love saved me
Megan Tarolli
This love saved my life A love that brought me back For so long I have lived in the dark Then you came along You have shown me How to live again To...Rate it

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