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A sacred tear
alexis karpouzos
And one day, the sun stopped, the rain stopped falling, the flowers didn't look high, the sky emptied of stars, then a tear dripped from the hear...Rate it

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Sacred Flower
Greg Roundtree
Sacred Flower Love is the sacred flower, that blooms within the soul. A subtle fragrant reminder, of that which makes us whole. For within t...Rate it

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Hymn (Sacred Feast)
Frederick George Scott
HAIL, sacred Feast, to weary mortals given, Pledge of God's love! O Christ, we here adore Thee, the slain Lamb, and Thee, the Bread from heaven...Rate it

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Sacred To the Memory of Algernon R. G. Stanhope
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
“THE silver cord is loosed,” he said, “The golden bowl is broken; A few more prayers having been prayed, A few more love-words spoken, I shall ...Rate it

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A Poem Sacred to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton
James Thomson
Shall the great soul of Newton quit this earth, To mingle with his stars; and every muse, Astonish'd into silence, shun the weight Of honours due ...Rate it

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A poem, Sacred to the Glorious memory of King George
Richard Savage
Let gaudy Mirth, to the blithe Carrol-song, In loose light-measur'd Numbers dance along; Thou, Muse no flow'ry Fancies here display, Nor warble wit...Rate it

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A Sacred Place
tony right
Visaulize the heart of an Angel beating to peace pumping blood of divine love with purified pleasures being visited only by a spirit in white the ...Rate it

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 1.
William Cowper
CHORUS OF ANGELS, Singing the Glory of God. To Heaven's bright lyre let Iris be the bow, Adapt the spheres for chords, for notes the stars; Let ne...Rate it

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2.
William Cowper
SCENE I. -- CHORUS OF ANGELS Singing. Now let us garlands weave Of all the fairest flowers, Now at this early dawn, For new-made man, and his com...Rate it

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3.
William Cowper
SCENE I.-- Adam and Eve. Oh, my beloved companion! Oh thou of my existence, The very heart and soul! Hast thou, with such excess of tender haste, ...Rate it

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An Epigram. Since Milo Rallies Sacred Writ
Mary Barber
Since Milo rallies sacred Writ, To win the Title of a Wit; 'Tis pity but he shou'd obtain it, Who bravely pays his Soul to gain it. Rate it

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ASTRÆA REDUX. A Poem, on the Happy Restoration and Return of His Sacred Majesty, Charles the Second
John Dryden
Now with a general peace the world was blest, While ours, a world divided from the rest, A dreadful quiet felt, and worser far Than arms, a sull...Rate it

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Davideis: A Sacred Poem Of The Troubles Of David (excerpt)
Abraham Cowley
BOOK I (excerpt) I sing the man who Judah's sceptre bore In that right hand which held the crook before; Who from best poet, best of ki...Rate it

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Feelings Sacred
Kurt Philip Behm
I don’t write for you, I write for me To dream each dream, in darkness freed All gifts unwrapped, my table set My voice as spoken, no regrets I...Rate it

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Hymn - A Sacred Concert
Henry Timrod
I Faint falls the gentle voice of prayer In the wild sounds that fill the air, Yet, Lord, we know that voice is heard, Not less than if Thy throne...Rate it

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Hymn Sung At A Sacred Concert At Columbia, S.C.
Henry Timrod
I Faint falls the gentle voice of prayer In the wild sounds that fill the air, Yet, Lord, we know that voice is heard, Not less than if Thy throne...Rate it

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Love Is The Most Sacred Form Of God
Nikhil Parekh
Love is a cloudburst of emotions; a torrential downpour of feelings from the inner most core of the heart, Love is a rainbow of mesmerizing color...Rate it

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Loving music of your sacred breast
Jawahar Gupta
LOVING MUSIC OF YOUR SACRED BREAST ==================================== Dance of waves reveals the secret hidden in the tune The blouse of nigh...Rate it

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Marriage is most sacred
hazel Shirley
Father would have scold you.... ...every time you received less marks. Have you ever thought to scold him back again! though you did not promise in...Rate it

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On Mr. G. Herbert's Book, Entitled the Temple of Sacred Poe
Richard Crashaw
Know you fair, on what you look; Divinest love lies in this book, Expecting fire from your eyes, To kindle this his sacrifice. When you...Rate it

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Only As Sacred
Kurt Philip Behm
You want to define Poetry, behind the safety of your bars Open the door to your cage, a world awaits, whose feathers tar Dusty journals and how-t...Rate it

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Our Sacred Cows Are Showing
We are not safe in the unknowing. And it is snowing, snowing, snowing. Gold, diamonds, platinum, grain Whatever, just let it rain. Lucre, lucre, an...Rate it

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Sacred And Profane Love
Alfred Austin
In the dark shadow of the windless pines Whose gloomy glory lines the obsequies Of the gaunt Claudian Aqueduct along The lone Campagna to sepulchra...Rate it

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Sacred Dreams
Brian Oliveri
Nightmares horizontal and alone through the darkened night, barely known open-minded cluttering brewed just when, will these nightmares conclude...Rate it

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