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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Ay, gaze upon her rose-wreathed hair, And gaze upon her smile; Seem as you drank the very air Her breath perfumed the while: And wake...Rate it

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Ambrose Bierce
A spitcat sate on a garden gate And a snapdog fared beneath; Careless and free was his mien, and he Held a fiddle-string in his teeth. She marked ...Rate it

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abdul wahab
For every word you speak for a lie Or the deed you do intending harm I come back again as a handsome anger To take ,against you , a delicious re...Rate it

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
'Ah! quit me not yet, for the wind whistles shrill, Its blast wanders mournfully over the hill, The thunder’s wild voice rattles madly above, You w...Rate it

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Sanober Ali
Love will turn into rust Life will turn into dust Infatuation will turn into lust Bread will turn into crust I'll take my revenge cause it's a must...Rate it

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Steven Louis Chapman
If you had to tell, you would bring yourself, a different heresy in which you fell. I have to feel for your sake, as you sell yourself for me, in ...Rate it

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Death's Revenge
Kurt Philip Behm
Today’s gone wild, killers on the fringe A life to take, its fate to make, tomorrow—death’s revenge (Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)Rate it

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Fear's Revenge
Nick Powell
Shadows falling, and turning gray. All duranged, p*ss what they say. Thou without doubt, they can dismiss. all of the pain, and all of the bliss. ...Rate it

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Female Revenge
James McIntyre
' I heard Bill say to-day, Mary, That you are a charming fairy, And that to town he'd give you drive; But, just as sure as you're alive He does int...Rate it

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GUINEVERE'S REVENGE If I begin to love you as you wander through my mind Would you return to love me too whilst this I try to find If I should lov...Rate it

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Living is the best revenge
Gone Fishing
Living is the best revenge When darkness seems to engulf you And the ones you turn to Seems to turn and run Believe me when I say That living is ...Rate it

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Pandora's Revenge
Kurt Philip Behm
Don’t pick it up if you can’t put it down A little bit pregnant —the world turned around (Dreamsleep: April, 2020)Rate it

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Revenge by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Ah! quit me not yet, for the wind whistles shrill, Its blast wanders mournfully over the hill, The thunder’s wild voice rattles madly above, You wi...Rate it

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Revenge Coming From The Heaven
Ahmad Al_khatat
Just like when I love the sun raising Up every morning. I felt in love with You without a single clue. Your face was always more brighter then the...Rate it

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Shipmate's Revenge ( Mythical Tale )
tj hatton
In those days when tall ships sailed and roamed the seven seas, There were pirates and their plunder and bloody mutiny's. A merchant ship was taken...Rate it

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The Price Of Revenge
Kurt Philip Behm
They sat around the bar, saying: “I liked being married” “Except for the part about having my husband” They sat around the bar, as their ...Rate it

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The revenge
Leao Diaz
Bullet 4 your Valentine Pull it 4 my Mastermind U know i got to handle mine, dismantle minds. Love is blind, hard 2 find like fossils of a raptors ...Rate it

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The Revenge - A Ballad of the Fleet
Alfred Lord Tennyson
I AT Flores, in the Azores Sir Richard Grenville lay, And a pinnace, like a flutter’d bird, came flying from far away; “Spanish ships of war a...Rate it

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The Revenge Of Hamish
Sidney Lanier
It was three slim does and a ten-tined buck in the bracken lay; And all of a sudden the sinister smell of a man, Awaft on a wind-shift, wavered a...Rate it

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The Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In that desolate land and lone, Where the Big Horn and Yellowstone Roar down their mountain path, By their fires the Sioux Chiefs Muttered their wo...Rate it

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Undesired Revenge
Robert Fuller Murray
Sorrow and sin have worked their will For years upon your sovereign face, And yet it keeps a faded trace Of its unequalled beauty still, As ruined ...Rate it

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Venus’ revenge…**
saadat tahir
Venus’ revenge hath begot, vile designed abhorrent plot. Phoebus oggles Leucothoe’s cleave. In mother’s garb his bosoms heave. She affrights and...Rate it

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What is Revenge?
Edward Willard
Some think of revenge as getting even and getting even can have a great cost, It could be rewarding in your mind but your soul could be lost! Whe...Rate it

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