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Isabel Jimenez
the ravens always gather like berry-tipped trees, or leaves on the impromptu eaves backlit by sunset and evening grievances whitewashed, no camera ...Rate it

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Gelene Beverly (PathofStars)
The light in your eyes The total surprise The spirit with you In all that you do The service you give Helps others to live Bring righteousness back...Rate it

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Ages And Ages, Returning At Intervals
Walt Whitman
AGES and ages, returning at intervals, Undestroy'd, wandering immortal, Lusty, phallic, with the potent original loins, perfectly sweet, ...Rate it

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A Returning Tide
Kurt Philip Behm
Revisiting oceans I’ve sailed before, my eyes now finally see Their currents deeper but softer felt, all doldrums blowing free As friends I greet...Rate it

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An Ode To The King, At His Returning From Scotland To The Queen, After His Coronation There
Sir Henry Wotton
Rouse up thy self, my gentle Muse, Though now our green conceits be gray, And yet once more do not refuse To take thy Phrygian Harp, and play In ho...Rate it

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Answer To Stanzas Addressed To Lady Hesketh By Miss Catharine Fanshawe, In Returning A Poem
William Cowper
To be remembered thus is fame, And in the first degree; And did the few like her the same, The press might sleep for me. So Homer, in the memory s...Rate it

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As I’ve no hope of returning ever
Guido Cavalcanti
As I’ve no hope of returning ever, Little ballad, lightly, softly, Go yourself, to Tuscany, Go straight to my lady, Who of her great courtesy Will ...Rate it

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Ballad Of The Banished And Returning Count
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
OH, enter old minstrel, thou time-honour'd one! We children are here in the hall all alone, The portals we straightway will bar. Our mother is pra...Rate it

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Condolatory Address To Sarah, Countess Of Jersey, On The Prince Regent's Returning Her Picture To Mrs. Mee
George Gordon Lord Byron
When the vain triumph of the imperial lord, Whom servile Rome obey'd, and yet abhorr'd, Gave to the vulgar gaze each glorious bust, That left a lik...Rate it

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Krishna Returning With The Herd
Sant Surdas
Mohan comes herding the cows, crown of peacock feathers on his head, garland of forest flowers on his chest, in his hand a wooden staff, his body w...Rate it

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Life Returning
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
After War-time. O LIFE, dear life, with sunbeam finger touching This poor damp brow, or flying freshly by On wings of mountain wind, or tenderly...Rate it

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Often rebuked, yet always back returning
Emily Jane Brontë
Often rebuked, yet always back returning To those first feelings that were born with me, And leaving busy chase of wealth and learning For idle d...Rate it

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On Returning To England
Alfred Austin
There! once again I stand on home, Though round me still there swirls the foam, Leaping athwart the vessel's track To bid a wanderer welcome back, ...Rate it

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Returning From Greece
Constantine P. Cavafy
Well, we're nearly there, Hermippos. Day after tomorrow, it seems - that's what the captain said. At least we're sailing our seas, the waters of ou...Rate it

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Returning To Brussels
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Upon a Flemish road, when noon was deep, I passed a little consecrated shrine, Where, among simple pictures ranged in line, The blessed Mary hol...Rate it

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Returning, We Hear the Larks
Isaac Rosenberg
Sombre the night is. And though we have our lives, we know What sinister threat lies there. Dragging these anguished limbs, we only know This ...Rate it

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Satan Returning
John Newton
When Jesus claims the sinner's heart, Where Satan ruled before; The evil spirit must depart, And dares return no more. But when he goes without c...Rate it

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The Connaughtman Returning
Nora Jane Hopper Chesson
There's a grey fog over Dublin of the curses, It blinds my eyes, mavrone, and stops my breath; And I travel slow that once could run the swiftest, ...Rate it

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To Olinthus Gregory, On Hearing Of The Death Of His Eldest Son, Who Was Drowned As He Was Returning By Water To His Father’s House At Woolrich
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
IS there a spot where Pity's foot, Although unsandalled, fears to tread, A silence where her voice is mute, Where tears, and only tears, are shed?...Rate it

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Upon Returning to the Country Road
Vachel Lindsay
Even the shrewd and bitter, Gnarled by the old world's greed, Cherished the stranger softly Seeing his utter need. Shelter and patient hearing,...Rate it

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Worthy Art Thou, Returning Home
Walther von der Vogelweide
Worthy art thou, returning home, the bell For thee should ring, and crowds come gathering round To gaze, how as a gladdening miracle Thou com'st, o...Rate it

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