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Yolanda Alys Hocking
The sweetest of the Gods, you kiss the world each night! Though others fear your twin, you are welcomed and hugged tight. "Oh child of my Nox, dear...Rate it

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Coy Day
Restless busy all the time ! No Time to waist do it on your on dime . Restless have all I want you know> Need are different no time must go ! Life ...Rate it

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Rahimeen Lodhi
He sat still on the rickety bed, Pillow soaked with every tear. His sweaty palms stuck on his forehead, Weeping silently so no mistress could hear....Rate it

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Description of the restless state of a lover.
Henry Howard
WHEN youth had led me half the race That Cupid's scourge had made me run ; I looked back to mete the place From whence my weary course begun. ...Rate it

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Ye restless thoughts
John Wilbye
Ye restless thoughts, that harbour discontent, Cease your assaults and let my heart lament, And let my tongue have leave to tell my grief, That she...Rate it

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Restless Love
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THROUGH rain, through snow, Through tempest go! 'Mongst streaming caves, O'er misty waves, On, on! still on! Peace, rest have flown! Sooner throug...Rate it

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Restless demons
Darwyn Holder
The darkness surrounds me and quietly presses in, to remind me of the happiness, I've had to let go again please help me understand these emotions ...Rate it

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Dance of the Restless Sleeper
I am not sure whether it is creativity or coffee, that is keeping me awake. My restless body turns over and over, until I am dancing in my bed. Th...Rate it

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I Am Restless
Rabindranath Tagore
I am restless. I am athirst for far-away things. My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance. O Great Beyond, O the keen c...Rate it

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Restless Eyes
Miss Aysha
In the depths of a candlelight , in the hours of a lover's night When eyes felt heavy and worries quivered out of sight I remembered a caress,...Rate it

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Restless Success
Brian Oliveri
Interactions complex ways honest days work honest day pays at best we are complete civilized games will power compete the prize and pride you ...Rate it

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The lover describeth his restless state
Henry Howard
AS oft as I behold, and see The sovereign beauty that me bound ; The nigher my comfort is to me, Alas ! the fresher is my wound. As flame doth qu...Rate it

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The Restless Sea
Dale Fenner
Tides go one way, then the other. Currents change throughout the day. The surface is calm one minute, And stormy the next. The sea is restless as a...Rate it

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The Rhyme Of The Restless Ones
Robert William Service
We couldn't sit and study for the law; The stagnation of a bank we couldn't stand; For our riot blood was surging, and we didn't need much urgi...Rate it

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This Restless Divide
Jason Mui
the sky is turning dark the stars are all aligned july is the time to lie about where you've been and where you're going to the raindrops falling ...Rate it

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Wavelets Crestsless Restless
Kumar Kamal
come to wearing sheindoor come to me wearing nopour(ankle bracelets) moonlite rest on your bosom flowers smile on your lips temples call you the ...Rate it

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