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Wallace Dean LaBenne
Don't peruse sum strata They don't want to yearn Don't confuse with data They don't want to learn Don't transfuse by regale They don't want to gro...Rate it

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
... Finally, what is Reason ? You have often asked me ; and this is my answer :-- Whene'er the mist, that stands 'twixt God and thee, [S...Rate it

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Caroline Tsai
You don't need a reason to smile, For a smile is worth a thousand words; You don't need a reason to give, For giving is sharing without words; You ...Rate it

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"your Dream" (September 2011) [theres a reason why they're called dreams]
Brianna Leigh Gillespie
Filled with many memories... The good and bad hours of your day. Us, are we in your dream? Or maybe it's just an illusion of me and you! Colors of ...Rate it

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5 Reason Why I Love U
Taleshia G MCcray
The first reason is: The way you're always there for me when i need u. The next reason is: The way u always cheer me up when i'm feeling low. The t...Rate it

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A reason to smile; Death
Abinash Parajuli
When I die, shed no tears, I know you won’t A pain inside your mind revealed and fixed up Wished to be a pain in thy heart, I failed The pile of my...Rate it

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A Woman's Reason
Gelett Burgess
I'm Sure every Word that you say is Absurd; I Say it's All Gummidge and Twaddle; You may Argue away till the 19th of May, But I do...Rate it

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Another on "On The University Carrier who sickn'd in the time of his vacancy, being forbid to go to London, by reason of the plague."
John Milton
Here lieth one who did most truly prove, That he could never die while he could move, So hung his destiny never to rot While he might still jogg on...Rate it

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By Reason Of Thy Law
Francis Thompson
Here I make oath-- Although the heart that knows its bitterness Hear loath, And credit less-- That he who kens to meet Pain's kisses fierce Which h...Rate it

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Cheerfulness Taught By Reason
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I THINK we are too ready with complaint In this fair world of God's. Had we no hope Indeed beyond the zenith and the slope Of yon gray blank of sky...Rate it

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Everything happens for a reason
Joseph C. Turner Jr.
In every life a little rain must fall, The sooner things are revealed to you, The better off we truly truly are, Why chase a seemingly silver moon ...Rate it

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EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON just when you rack your brains, and ask why..oh why.. it should strike you quick, and when it does, it makes you s...Rate it

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Everything Happens For A Reason
Mario William Vitale
So nobody want to battle me guess we can both agree to disagree see ya on the flip side squeeze gonna knock you to ya knees busy as a bee.. I'...Rate it

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For A Reason
Jose Carlos Cotto
I grew up an angry little boy, Always full of hate. Wondering why my father left me? Why we went our separate ways? Questions running through my mi...Rate it

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give me a reason
Taney Earl
I remember every word from that night did my best to hide my tears you barely put up a fight and we were ending what we had so many years you tried...Rate it

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Give Me A Reason
Max Hornbogen
Give me a reason, a reason that I should love you and I don't care about the things you do and everything is reasons and if we didn't have reasons ...Rate it

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Give Me One More Reason
Curtis Atchley
You're on my mind this morning There's things I need to say You left without a warning I had to call today You saw me with a woman That I had known...Rate it

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Happy Pill- Reason
The world seems so big, with problems that are so small. As selfish as it sounds, they aren't problems at all. Coincidences in a world orchestrated...Rate it

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I reason, Earth is short
Emily Dickinson
I reason, Earth is short— And Anguish—absolute— And many hurt, But, what of that? I reason, we could die— The best Vitality Cannot excel Decay, Bu...Rate it

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I thank God, as well as ALL of you, for giving me a reason to stay!!!!!
Elizabeth King
I send my poems for review, when I feel that they are right. I really value opinions of others, that's why I chose this site. In the end, the only...Rate it

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I used to be the reason
Jesse D. Black
I remember a time when I was the reason you looked at your phone thay way! When the slight smile upon your face was due to me! When nothing happeni...Rate it

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Knowing the Reason
Donald Vess
lifes lesson, beyond reason, enduring each season, trying just to win... a crown worn,... a life torn, into this world born, pierced by life...Rate it

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hazel Shirley
It is extremely useful.... and looks very beautiful.. Strong trees with fresh green leaves.. deep buried roots is the reason behind.....I see. Ple...Rate it

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Love Beyond Reason
Aida Javier Elvira
Love me not for how I look, for beauty fades with age and time. And loveliness is only lovely till the next pretty face arrived. But love me beyon...Rate it

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Love's Reason
Henry Van Dyke
For that thy face is fair I love thee not; Nor yet because the light of thy brown eyes Hath gleams of wonder and of glad surprise, Like woodland st...Rate it

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