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Winnie Wandai
I'll always look back As I walk away Is when we will last for eternity And all of our tears will be lost in the rain I found my way back to your ar...Rate it

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Didar Baizhanov
dusted in comfort, this unlikely place, makes me come forth and bow to thy grace an effort it took and work on my part, stupidty's feelings and now...Rate it

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Dawn D Mitchell
On 10 points states is started saying peace king on my song the flyest and after that it took off like fire peace king of course that line is s...Rate it

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Yesterday's Beauty Queen
Sonia Walker
Years have washed away the glow, but not the dreams of yesterday, standing tall and pretty, holding a dozen red roses, matching the beauty of the s...Rate it

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A Mien to move a Queen
Emily Dickinson
A Mien to move a Queen— Half Child—Half Heroine— An Orleans in the Eye That puts its manner by For humbler Company When none are near Even a Tear— ...Rate it

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In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen ELIZABETH
Anne Bradstreet
Proem. 1.1 Although great Queen, thou now in silence lie, 1.2 Yet thy loud Herald Fame, doth to the sky 1.3 Thy wondrous worth procla...Rate it

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KoKo Ameen, the Jewelry Queen
Sonia Walker
KoKo Ameen, the Jewelry Queen Designs her creations with a sheen, Her bangles jingle-jangle as she Tip-toes through the tangle Of original designs ...Rate it

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Ice queen
Lindsay Mancano
She said don’t waste your time, you'll never be anything... And I gasped for air while trying to dig my way from her deathly soul... She took my li...Rate it

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The King And Queen
The King and Queen A King and Queen They love each other They feel each other They protect each other Until… They lose one another King and Quee...Rate it

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A Farewell to Arms (To Queen Elizabeth)
George Peele
HIS golden locks Time hath to silver turn'd; O Time too swift, O swiftness never ceasing! His youth 'gainst time and age hath ever spurn'd, ...Rate it

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A Health To The Queen
Sydney Thompson Dobell
While the thistle bears Spears, And the shamrock is green, And the English rose Blows, A health to the Queen! A health to the Queen, a health to th...Rate it

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A king without his queen
Joshua Nieves
My castle only exists with people who make my life complete. my journey for happiness can be seen, but at night there's no queen to meet. The lega...Rate it

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A Letter To Doctor Ingelo, then With My Lord Whitlock, Ambassador From The Protector To The Queen Of Sweden
Andrew Marvell
Quid facis Arctoi charissime transfuga coeli, Ingele, proh sero cognite, rapte cito? Num satis Hybernum defendis pellibus Astrum, Qui modo tam moll...Rate it

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A Queen Five Summers Old.
Victor-Marie Hugo
("Elle est toute petite.") [Bk. XXVI.] She is so little - in her hands a rose: A stern duenna watches where she goes, What sees Old Spa...Rate it

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A Requisition to the Queen
William Topaz McGonagall
Smiths Buildings No. 19 Patons Lane, Dundee. Sept the 6th. 1877. Most August! Empress of India, and of great Britain the Queen, I most humbly beg...Rate it

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A Song From "The Player Queen"
William Butler Yeats
MY mother dandled me and sang, "How young it is, how young!' And made a golden cradle That on a willow swung. "He went away,' my mother sang, "When...Rate it

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A Vision upon the Fairy Queen
Sir Walter Raleigh
Methought I saw the grave where Laura lay, Within that temple where the vestal flame Was wont to burn; and, passing by that way, To see that buried...Rate it

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A Wayside Queen
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
She was born in the season of fire, When a mantle of murkiness lay On the front of the crimson Destroyer: And none knew the name of her sire Bu...Rate it

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Acid Queen
Simon Ward
I will never hold you, I could never come to, Realise the world again, See you as just a friend, Of all the things I have said, Only a few I have m...Rate it

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An Epistle. Desiring The Queen's Picture, But Left Unfinished, By The Sudden News Of Her Majesty's Death
Matthew Prior
The train of equipage and pomp of state, The shining sideboard and the burnish'd plate, Let other ministers, great Anne, require, And partial fall ...Rate it

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An Ode - Humbly Inscribed To The Queen, On the Glorious Success of Her Majesty's Arms
Matthew Prior
When great Augustus govern'd ancient Rome, And sent his conquering bands to foreign wars, Abroad when dreaded, and beloved at home, He saw his fame...Rate it

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An Ode - Presented To The King, On His Majesty's Arrival In Holland, After The Queen's Death
Matthew Prior
At Mary's tomb (sad sacred place!) The Virtues shall their vigils keep, And every Muse and every Grace In solemn state shall ever weep. The future...Rate it

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An Ode To The King, At His Returning From Scotland To The Queen, After His Coronation There
Sir Henry Wotton
Rouse up thy self, my gentle Muse, Though now our green conceits be gray, And yet once more do not refuse To take thy Phrygian Harp, and play In ho...Rate it

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An Ode to the Queen
William Topaz McGonagall
All hail to the Empress of India, Great Britain's Queen! Long may she live in health, happy and serene; Loved by her subjects at home and abroad; B...Rate it

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An Ode to the Queen on Her Jubilee Year
William Topaz McGonagall
Sound drums and trumpets, far and near! And Let all Queen Victoria's subjects loudly cheer! And show by their actions that they revere, Because she...Rate it

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