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Peter Courtney Quennell
As wind-drowned scents that bring to other hills Disquieting memories of silences, Broad silences beyond the memory; As feathered swaying seeds, as...Rate it

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In pursuit of being Number 1
Shawn Daniels
I sit here alone tonight A beer and this computer Is my only worksite I write things that tell alot of things And sometimes dont mean anything I ge...Rate it

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In pursuit of my happiness
Adegboyega Nafisat
On the journey To search for my happiness I could feel it Very close and warmly Giving all up for your sake Am well pleased! So long you're my happ...Rate it

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Pursuit and Possession
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
When I behold what pleasure is pursuit, What life, what glorious eagerness it is; Then mark how full possession falls from this, How fairer seem...Rate it

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Relentless pursuit
Laulindah Shiku
My love, my all Let me share this secret with you I am after your heart, I will pursue it until it beats in synchrony with mine! I will dwell in ...Rate it

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The Pursuit
Henry Vaughan
LORD ! what a busy, restless thing Hast Thou made man ! Each day and hour he is on wing, Rests not a span ; Then having lost the sun and light,...Rate it

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The Pursuit
Gamaliel Bradford
I had visited her often, Long had sought, with vain endeavor, Her obdurate heart to soften; But she answered, 'never, never.' Then it softened and...Rate it

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Trivial Pursuit
L. Larry Amadore
Beyond These trivial pursuits The day looms long, Largely unused, unplanned, Promising important Activities. Anticipating alternatives, Inertly I i...Rate it

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We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson
Clinton Siegle
All gone. It is a privilage to be a man. All gone is the bill of rights. First we did not stand up for the fifth amendment After all these people...Rate it

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