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Ignoble man, I ignore man without wisdom One who lessons lies about truths His story has a lot less on, who, what, where and when Know truth lessen...Rate it

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2011-A Prime Year of Marvels
Krishnan Balasubramanian
Two-Thousand Eleven-A year of Prime, Eight years after 2003-A prime after prime, As we transcend time after time, To welcome 2011, rhyme after rhym...Rate it

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I Saw Thy Form in Youthful Prime
Thomas Moore
I saw thy form in youthful prime, Nor thought that pale decay Would steal before the steps of Time, And waste its bloom away, Mary! Yet still t...Rate it

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Mr. Prime Minister (The Last Lion)
Kurt Philip Behm
From Winston: “When youth departs —may wisdom prove enough” To Winston: “When spirit falters —all will to then prevail” (Villanova Pennsylvan...Rate it

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My Prime of Youth Is But a Frost of Cares
Chidiock Tichborne
My prime of youth is but a frost of cares, My feast of joy is but a dish of pain, My crop of corn is but a field of tares, And all my good is bu...Rate it

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Prime The Pump
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Hop, skip, jump Breathe in the air Just let your spirits swell Prime the pump Bring up the care Just draw it from the well Rate it

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Prime Time
Robert Haigh
Millstones and mishaps all mess with my mind. I have no idea of what I might find Tomorrow, next week, or even next year; Yet freedom is one thing ...Rate it

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Prime Time
Writing in fright of fiery nights. Apocalyptic code configured through television screens. Blinking in between breaths of despair. We're running ra...Rate it

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Talismans of the Prime Mover
Katie Anderson
Removing the cavern, Pulling it up like a sheet, and inside seeds shining like the stars and randomly planted, some implanted, spiralling galaxies ...Rate it

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The Prime of Life
Henry Lawson
OH, the strength of the toil of those twenty years, with father, and master, and men! And the clearer brain of the business man, who has held his o...Rate it

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Whilst it is prime
Edmund Spenser
FRESH Spring, the herald of loves mighty king, In whose cote-armour richly are displayd All sorts of flowers, the which on earth do spring, In g...Rate it

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