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A person after my mom
Teacher my lovely teacher, You are the light in the darkness of my life. You are the candel, To light my future. You are the sun, Under whom i sh...Rate it

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Are You The New Person, Drawn Toward Me?
Walt Whitman
ARE you the new person drawn toward me? To begin with, take warning--I am surely far different from what you suppose; Do you sup...Rate it

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On The Same Person (Who Wrote Ill, And Spake Worse, Against Me)
Matthew Prior
While faster than his costive brain indites Philo's quick hand in flowing letters writes; His case appears to me like honest Teague's, When he was ...Rate it

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Trapped Person
Jersei Depew
We walk around with a smile on our face To hide the demons who so want to escape We fight this battle everyday, just to live another day We hope we...Rate it

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I am a person (special needs)
I am a person, do you actually look at me,or do you just glance, my heart beats,my tears flow,I have a warm touch everyone needs to know ,I like to...Rate it

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I met a person
Miranda Hicks
I met a person at a door and that person stood and waited didn’t open the door and wouldn’t or couldn’t walk thru. So, while opening the door that ...Rate it

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To A Gentleman That Only Upon The Sight Of The Author's Writing, Had Given A Character Of His Person And Judgment Of His Fortune. Illustrissimo Vero Domino Lanceloto Josepho De Maniban Grammatomantis
Andrew Marvell
Quis posthac chartae committat sensa loquaci, Si sua crediderit Fata subesse stylo? Conscia si prodat Seribentis Litera sortem, Quicquid & in vita ...Rate it

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a better person
Thewordking Hljohnson
I will never forget the feelings of how much I care about you I will always remember every thing of all the good things that you do please never mi...Rate it

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A Good Person
Wallace Dean LaBenne
He was a "good" person A guy of self regard He was "good for nothing" hoisted on his petard She was a "good" person A gal of self allure She was "g...Rate it

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A Letter To The Same Person
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Sure of Success, to You I boldly write, Whilst Love do's ev'ry tender Line endite; Love, who is justly President of Verse, Which all his Servant...Rate it

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A Licentious Person
John Donne
Thy sins and hairs may no man equal call ; For, as thy sins increase, thy hairs do fall. Rate it

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A Panegyric Of The Dean In The Person Of A Lady In The North
Jonathan Swift
Resolved my gratitude to show, Thrice reverend Dean, for all I owe, Too long I have my thanks delay'd; Your favours left too long unpaid; But now, ...Rate it

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A Person Lives
Nikhil Parekh
A person eats; because of the insatiable hunger of his stomach; the unrelenting pangs of famished gluttony; playing cats and dogs with his impoveri...Rate it

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A Person Who Could Not Learn As And When He Is Young! ?
Kanniappan Kanniappan
There is no one who has collected toll charges …after allowing somebody to trespass the pathway; Likewise, no one could collect the charges for th...Rate it

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A special person
Bob Taub
A SPECIAL PERSON It’s hard to live your life alone This is something we’ve always known We all need someone our life to share A certain someone wh...Rate it

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A Very Special Person
Laurie A. Lanza
I met you long ago now; hesitant as to what would be. But now I must admit; you have totally surprised me. We have alot in common; things you alre...Rate it

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All A Person Could Take Beneath His Grave
Nikhil Parekh
All a person could take beneath his grave; was the perennial love that he'd generated; by compassionately uniting two miserably jilted hearts in th...Rate it

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better person for you
Thewordking Hljohnson
I will never forget the feelings of how much I care about you I will always remember every thing of all the good things that you do please never mi...Rate it

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By A Person Of Quality.
Mary Barber
Remote from Strife, from urban Throngs, and Noise. Here dwells my Soul amidst domestic Joys: No ratling Coaches serious Thoughts annoy; Nor busy pr...Rate it

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Different Person!
Taleshia G MCcray
Lord I'm prayer for my family and friend,Lord I'm different person,what people thing about me,I got to believe in my self,when my problems get me d...Rate it

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Elegy XVI. He Suggests the Advantage of Birth To a Person of Merit
William Shenstone
When genius, graced with lineal splendour, glows, When title shines, with ambient virtues crown'd, Like some fair almond's flowery pomp it shows, T...Rate it

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Epitaph. (On a Commonplace Person Who Died in Bed)
Amy Levy
THIS is the end of him, here he lies: The dust in his throat, the worm in his eyes, The mould in his mouth, the turf on his breast; This is ...Rate it

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Every Person Needs A Lift
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Our small planet is astray with big ceases and dismay Every person needs a lift from a grand stimulus gift Our small planet is intense with big de...Rate it

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He Was Every Person's Creator
Nikhil Parekh
For every bird gruesomely killed; he had the power to create infinite more fledglings, For every river dried miserably to a trickle; he had the p...Rate it

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How can I tell you I love you in person!
Taleshia G MCcray
I'm sorry I live in a dream world. I will like to walk up to you and tell you how much i love you really i do.Do you want me to talk you. I will al...Rate it

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