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I Believe I Am All Wrong for This Place
Lisbeth Lavigne
am all wrong for this place I have applied my war paint, Perfected the wear of my dress. I settle here emotionally naked at the bar, Sans reading and writiRate it

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Admission without Excuse
Ludy Bührs
dition. With my feelings on the loose, for now I paint this like a Titian, the man I love without remission, and the warmth we can induce.Rate it

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An Essay On The Different Stiles Of Poetry
Thomas Parnell
eir Hero for the Field, Nor with Prophetick Story paint the Shield, Nor fix the Crest, or make the Feathers wave, Or with their Characters reward the BraveRate it

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An Old Man Muses
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Can it be I - condoning, cavallering This sorry paint-and-tinsel paladin. This braggart upstart, raging, racketeering Like some cheap western gangster 'mRate it

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
Now stripp'd in buff, shall look so blue. First paint L---d H---w---k, boisterous, rough, Dealer in wholesale quack'ry stuff, Who, far beyond famed KatteRate it

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Description of the restless state of a lover.
Henry Howard
was fled. But all too late Love learneth me To paint all kind of colours new ; To blind their eyes that else should see My speckled cheeks with Cupid'Rate it

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love, drugs, and other things that escape from sobriety
jayson liles
, Pain For the forlorn solum That left them tame Paint us a portrait, for… Tonight we are the center The center of all quiddity Lost in our propensity So Rate it

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Ambrose Bierce
m here? PITTS-STEVENS: I'm come, fair sir, With paint and brush to blazon on these rocks The merits of my master's nostrum-so: _(Paints rapidly.)_ 'McDonRate it

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Nother mature
nd rape her Syphon energy off the meek; craftily paint pretty pictures to pseudo values with eye cons put to keep penned to paper You will never rule the Rate it

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Picture Dealer
Robert William Service
There were twin artists A. and B. Who painted pictures two, And hung them in my galley For eveRate it

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Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse
Matthew Arnold
f Rome, Nor yet to amuse, as ours are! They paint of souls the inner strife, Their drops of blood, their death in life. The garden, overgrownRate it

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Symptom Recital
Dorothy Parker
cannot take the gentlest joke. I find no peace in paint or type. My world is but a lot of tripe. I'm disillusioned, empty-breasted. For what I think, I'd bRate it

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The River's Tale
Rudyard Kipling
ed through the forest that lined the Strand, With paint on his face and a club in his hand. He was death to feather and fin and fur. He trapped my beavers Rate it

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The Song Of Hiawatha I: The Peace-Pipe
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
meadow, With their weapons and their war-gear, Painted like the leaves of Autumn, Painted like the sky of morning, Wildly glaring at each other; In thRate it

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To S. M. A Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works
Phillis Wheatley
deep intent, And thought in living characters to paint, When first thy pencil did those beauties give, And breathing figures learnt from thee to live, HowRate it

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Beauty of Art
Maria Khan
charcoal when smudged on your hands Or even when paint is splashed on art paper that race and sprint down the page It can be different colours that blendRate it

(4.50 / 4 votes)
The archers
Emily Pauline Johnson
ll wild things that hunt for foes, or food-- War paint adorning breast and thigh and face, Armed with the ancient weapons of his race, A slender ashen bRate it

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Hurts The Most
see if your blood will soon be splashed on it to paint a flower  What hurts the most is you Grasping for air while you drown your sorrow  Words, don't makRate it

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Art, My True Love
Karen V.Kucinski
not be,free Me! I am who I am You inspire me to paint And sketch and dance and sing Giddy as a school girl Art,My True Love You surround me with feelinRate it

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Rural Sports: A Georgic - Canto II.
John Gay
high the frighted hern survey, And lofty numbers paint their airy fray, Nor shall the mounting lark the muse detain, That greets the morning with his earlRate it

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Soldier An' Sailor Too
Rudyard Kipling
ot up in the Reg'lars' style. 'E was scrapin' the paint from off of 'er plates, an' I sez to 'im, ''Oo are you?' Sez 'e, 'I'm a Jolly -- 'Er Majesty's JoRate it

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The Riding of the Rebel
William Henry Ogilvie
Wales, For The Rebel used his blood and brains to paint the stockyard rails! And Mulga Jack came over from the Yuinburra side -- The horse was never foaledRate it

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The Sun Wields Mercy
Charles Bukowski
ike lily pads on a pond circling senselessly; the painters paint dipping their reds and greens and yellows, poets rhyme their loneliness, musicians starve Rate it

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There's Work To Be Done
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
ake up the sleepers, And banish the night; I must paint up the heavens, Tuck the stars out of sight; 'Dry the dew on the meadows, Put warmth in the air, CRate it

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My Little Doll
Charles Kingsley
Folks say she is terribly changed, dears, For her paint is all washed away, And her arms trodden off by the cows, dears And her hair not the least bit curlRate it

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