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Henry Lawson
I want to be lighting my pipe on deck, With my baggage safe below— I want to be free of the crowded quay, While the steamer’s swinging slow. I want...Rate it

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Chris Curasi
The map to destiny lost So where are you now? Who are you? Still don't know who I am After liquid courage Got me through the backroads I slid into ...Rate it

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On the Outside
willadean wright
On the outside looking in I see things I wish I had They seem so organized ...Rate it

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Smiles from the outside
Secret writer
When we cry A little of us die From the inside She may smile From the outside But she's not fine Masks we wear Are crumbling to dust Her brown ...Rate it

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45 Minutes Outside Of Real Time
Emily Miller
I saw you the other day outside in real time A quietness swept over me It had to be a vision or maybe a dream I caught my breath and held it For re...Rate it

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Baby it's cold Outside
Judi Kettelson
Sitting here outside It's as cold as a blizzard I put my coat on.Rate it

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I Was Still Skeptical To Leave You Outside
Nikhil Parekh
Even if the gigantic tree shrunk miserably in size; metamorphosing into an inconspicuously shivering seedling, Even if the colossal oceans swirli...Rate it

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Inside And Outside
Friedrich Schiller
God alone sees the heart and therefore, since he alone sees it, Be it our care that we, too, something that's worthy may see. Rate it

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Its Hot Inside, Outside
Niketa Manzo
To me but to you: im weak, but strong im loud, but reserved im friendly, but cautious. In my heart but in your eyes: im in love, but out of touch ...Rate it

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Love Outside
Kumar Kamal
Arte arrived deep in the night Tears trickle down her eyes Sheindoor witnessed hers love outside! Practicing love rhyme light `neath the sleepy Sof...Rate it

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notes on traveling (night party outside Toulouse)
Malaika Thorne
Must remember bearded old men with accents who touch too much and breathe too close Insist: it’s okay sweet thing younggirl I am an artiste w...Rate it

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On the Outside Looking In
Nicole Marie Dobrinic
Looking through, shattered glass, the world is in pieces. Looking through, shattered glass, a million hearts are broken. Looking through, shatter...Rate it

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One Night Outside the Bus Station
Sean Harrington
cold night air chilling even through two sets of clothes flourescent lights eerily illuminating the pages I re-read a tactic I use, unsuccessfully ...Rate it

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Outside Hell's Open Gate
Compass me in loving arms, that I might rest my head. Desirous of a peaceful thought, that rest not with the dead. Could sorrowful mind and tear f...Rate it

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Outside I am free
Ashley Houle
Take me down to the river Come hike the trails with me I long for adventure The waterfalls are calling me I dream of the stars in the big black n...Rate it

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Outside In
William B Stauffer
You stand in your cell and I see you through the bars. And,I do see "YOU". No,you're not an animal. And,I do sense your pain. But,when you bare you...Rate it

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Outside Orchestra
Orchestra plays, Drums roll, Pound, pound, pound. Amazing. Loud. True. Strong. Ends suddenly and quietly.Rate it

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Outside The Crowd
George Meredith
To sit on History in an easy chair, Still rivalling the wild hordes by whom 'twas writ! Sure, this beseems a race of laggard wit, Unwarned by those...Rate it

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Outside the House
Constantine P. Cavafy
Walking yesterday in an outlying neighbourhood, I went by the house I used to go to when I was very young. There Eros with his wonderful power laid...Rate it

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Outside The Moment
Kurt Philip Behm
Consciousness can’t exist until you ponder… ‘what comes next’ Thinking outside the moment —frees the verb inside the text (Dreamsleep: January, 2...Rate it

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Outside The Village Church
Alfred Austin
``The old Church doors stand open wide, Though neither bells nor anthems peal. Gazing so fondly from outside, Why do you enter not and kneel? ``It...Rate it

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Outside The Womb
Kurt Philip Behm
My ego lost virginity, upon the critics throne Pregnant with doubt ectopic, its embryo disowned With labored forced delivery, and fetus left un...Rate it

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Stood Outside In Awe
Lori Dixon
The beautiful. Hot air balloon floated up above the sky. Higher and higher it drifted as it was carried away by the fire and air. It's basket was s...Rate it

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The Outside Track
Henry Lawson
There were ten of us there on the moonlit quay, And one on the for’ard hatch; No straighter mate to his mates than he Had ever said: ‘Len’s a match...Rate it

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Phil Roberts
Something's lurking Outside on your window sill, Something truly evil. Babadook? Manticore? Hippogriff, or unicorn? All you know is fear. Somet...Rate it

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