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An Offer Of Marriage
Ambrose Bierce
Once I 'dipt into the future far as human eye could see,' And saw-it was not Sandow, nor John Sullivan, but she The Emancipated Woman, who was weep...Rate it

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Another Bit And An Offer
Ezra Pound
I see by the morning papers That America's sturdy sons Have started a investigation Of the making of guns. The morning paper tells me They have as...Rate it

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I offer you all a basket of truth
Liam Comáin
~~~ From toiling in the glen of reasoning and on The hill of revelation I offer a basket of fruit Which will answer a question relating to Truth ...Rate it

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Kind offer
Hasmukh Mehta
E.A.M Poetry Happiness is freedom to do things freely and knowing that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes ...E.A.M Kind offer

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Lewis Carroll wrote: "You are old father William, the young man said..."
  • A. "and you seem to have lost your sight"
  • B. "and you're going to die tonight"
  • C. "and your eyes have become less bright"
  • D. "and your hair has become very white"