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GAZA STRIPPED As you near end of age paroxysms assuage surging whim Acutely noting in formation fits mixed complex composition of asylum Hope the...Rate it

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A Curse For A Nation
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I heard an angel speak last night, And he said 'Write! Write a Nation's curse for me, And send it over the Western Sea.' I faltered, taking u...Rate it

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A Nation Once Again.
Thomas Osborne Davis
I. When boyhood's fire was in my blood I read of ancient freemen For Greece and Rome who bravely stood, THREE HUNDRED MEN AND THREE MEN. And th...Rate it

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A Nation's Test
John Boyle O'Reilly
I. A NATION'S greatness lies in men, not acres; One master-mind is worth a million hands. No royal robes have marked the planet-shakers, But Sa...Rate it

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Character of a Nation
Roger Gilbert
The grief of this nation, Wells tears within our eyes; To suffer such great losses, Of families, friends, and ties. One family lost a father, Anot...Rate it

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Immigration Nation
Jack Richards
You have got to be kidding me You want to send someone back, as a refugee Someone, who helped us, become, what we are Someone, who helped us, go qu...Rate it

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Living In An Disillusioned Nation
Jason Mui
Come across Railroads, road signs and locomotives And with all these empty words left unspoken It took you long enough to notice That everything…an...Rate it

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Nation Of Survivors
Jack Foshee Jr
In the bright September morning without warning to us all A few thousand lives were shattered and we watched two buildings fall And a billion souls...Rate it

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Natives Of Conscienceless Nation
Ehsan Sehgal
O' sick of egoism O' natives of a conscienceless And dead nation Claimants of truth Listen to the truth You are yourself proof that You are deaf, d...Rate it

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clifton redmond
In dreams my world of love Has little space for pain I wish this may come to true Before we are all in chains One nation is my aim No man should li...Rate it

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One Nation of Strength
Wendy Bradley
One Nation of Strength One horrid day not long ago Our country was put in fear. But not so much we didn't come out With a message for all to hear. ...Rate it

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Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation
Amir Samji
Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation Shooting at Elementary School stunned the Nation Because of it; in pain & suffering is whole nati...Rate it

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Stand for the nation
Vi Nguyen
Stand tall when your duty call To protect the country To secue the nation Your counry call you to stand for Freedom, the ultimate right for mankind...Rate it

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The Nation Builders
George Essex Evans
A handful of workers seeking the star of a strong intent - A handful of heroes scattered to conquer a continent - Thirst, and fever, and famine, ...Rate it

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Who Shall Rule This American Nation?
Henry Clay Work
Who shall rule this American Nation? Say, boys, say! Who shall sit in the loftiest station? Say, boys, say! Shall the men who trampled on the banne...Rate it

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Women - The mother of nation
Sheea Baishya
When she moves, moves like soft grass When she laugh, she laugh like mother marry When she hug, she hug like a mother and child When she feed , she...Rate it

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