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God seems nearby when I'm standing on a mountain, The hard climb accents upward distances. Rocks are granite sharp, sparkling with glitter Seeming...Rate it

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Henry Kendall
Rifted mountains, clad with forests, girded round by gleaming pines, Where the morning, like an angel, robed in golden splendour shines; Shimmering...Rate it

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A May Night on the Mountains
Henry Lawson
’Tis a wonderful time when these hours begin, These long ‘small hours’ of night, When grass is crisp, and the air is thin, And the stars come close...Rate it

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Mountains Of Madness
Mario Vitale
The hour of decision is made to light the torch for the brave The storms of life come rushing in some are immediate and quick... others prompt...Rate it

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A Storm in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
A lonely boy, far venturing from home Out on the half-wild herd’s faint tracks I roam; Mid rock-browned mountains, which with stony frown Glare ...Rate it

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Dawn in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
It is the morning star, arising slow Out of yon hill’s dark bulk, as she were born Of its desire for day; then glides she forth And into the dim sk...Rate it

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Greenland's Icy Mountains
William Topaz McGonagall
Greenland's icy mountains are fascinating and grand, And wondrously created by the Almighty's command; And the works of the Almighty there's few ca...Rate it

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Here will be echoes in the mountains...
Boris Pasternak
Here will be echoes in the mountains, The distant landslides' rumbling boom, The rocks, the dwellings in the village, The sorry little inn, the glo...Rate it

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Hint From The Mountains For Certain Political Pretenders
William Wordsworth
'WHO but hails the sight with pleasure When the wings of genius rise, Their ability to measure With great enterprise; But in man was ne'er such dar...Rate it

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How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
Emily Dickinson
How the old Mountains drip with Sunset How the Hemlocks burn— How the Dun Brake is draped in Cinder By the Wizard Sun— How the old Steeples hand t...Rate it

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In the Mountains on a Summer Day
Li Bai
Gently I stir a white feather fan, With open shirt sitting in a green wood. I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone; A wind from the pine-...Rate it

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Mad River, In The White Mountains
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
TRAVELLER Why dost thou wildly rush and roar, Mad River, O Mad River? Wilt thou not pause and cease to pour Thy hurrying, headlong waters o'er This...Rate it

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Meeting Among the Mountains
David Herbert Lawrence
The little pansies by the road have turned Away their purple faces and their gold, And evening has taken all the bees from the thyme, And all th...Rate it

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Mine is the Lifter of Mountains
Mine is the lifter of mountains, the cowherd, and none other. O sadhus! there is no other--I have seen the whole world. I left brothers, I ...Rate it

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Momentous Mountains {Haiku}
Linda D. Blakely
sapphire skies caress snow kissed mountains by the lake mirror reflections 4/11/06Rate it

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Moonlit Mountains
Jerry Jax
I stand here looking at the setting sun That's just about to drop from out of sight Yet soon to recognize, when it is done, The always rising of th...Rate it

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Mountains From The Keslov Steppe
Adam Bernard Mickiewicz
(Pilgrim) What would Great Allah with the frozen sea? Would he of icy clouds a throne carve bright, Or would the demons of the deepest night A ...Rate it

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On Ettrick Forest's Mountains Dun {Life In The Forest}
Sir Walter Scott
On Ettrick Forest's mountains dun 'Tis blithe to hear the sportsman's gun, And seek the heath-frequenting brood Far through the noonday solitude; B...Rate it

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Once I saw mountains angry
Stephen Crane
Once I saw mountains angry, And ranged in battle-front. Against them stood a little man; Aye, he was no bigger than my finger. I laughed, and s...Rate it

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Over The Lofty Mountains
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Wonder I must, what I once may see Over the lofty mountains! Eyes shall meet only snow, may be; Standing here, each evergreen tree Over the heigh...Rate it

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Peace in the Mountains
Angela Crabtree
Soft whispers of wind running through her long brown hair. The sun's beaming arms reaching down, touching her copper toned skin. An eagle soars thr...Rate it

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Peace in the Mountains
Angie Holmes
Peace in the Mountains Soft whispers of wind running through her long brown hair. The sun's beaming arms reaching down, touching her copper toned...Rate it

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Rain in the Mountains
Henry Lawson
The Valley's full of misty cloud, Its tinted beauty drowning, The Eucalypti roar aloud, The mountain fronts are frowning. The mist is hanging like...Rate it

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Sunset On The Cunimbla Valley, Blue Mountains
Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen
I SAT upon a windy mountain height, On a huge rock outstanding from the rest; The sun had sunk behind a neighboring crest, Leaving chill shad...Rate it

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Sunshine Mountains
Wallace Dean LaBenne
When you climb "sunshine mountains," when you take the grandest view, when you gain broad perspective, many good feelings accrue...this reality con...Rate it

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