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Michael R. Cole
It seems at first you can do no wrong, it starts that way just not for long. Each day you awake all happy and new, just waiting for that special on...Rate it

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Mathilde Blind
LOVE springs as lightly from the human heart As springs the lovely rose upon the brier, Which turns the common hedge to floral fire, As Love win...Rate it

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Marianne Moore
This institution, perhaps one should say enterprise out of respect for which one says one need not change one's mind about a thing one has believed...Rate it

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Mark Phibbs
May both of your lives be fulfilled As you stand by each other Those first steps you are soon to take, To be married to each other May total love ...Rate it

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Khalil Gibran
Then Almitra spoke again and said, 'And what of Marriage, master?' And he answered saying: You were born together, and together you shall be fo...Rate it

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BrokeN Marriage
Raynolds Moseamedi
Adherence and allegiance, and monogamy, Browse for the absence of intelligence in her tummy Commitment and rings, and binding two to one Doting h...Rate it

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On Marriage
Richard Crashaw
I would be married, but I'd have no wife ; I would be married to a single life. Rate it

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- Support Marriage Equality -
Miguel V. Melendez Sv
(I'll keep supporting them! I'm not gay, homosexual, or lesbian, but respect and acceptance should be respected and accepted!) Weed is legalized: ...Rate it

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A Marriage Ring
George Crabbe
THE ring, so worn as you behold, So thin, so pale, is yet of gold: The passion such it was to prove-- Worn with life's care, love yet was love. ...Rate it

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A Marriage-Table
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
THERE was a marriage-table where One sate, Haply, unnoticed, till they craved His aid: Thenceforward does it seem that He has made All virtuous ...Rate it

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After Marriage
Nikhil Parekh
Before marriage she used to keep me handsomely like a king on her lids; dancing them every now and again to rejuvenate my overwhelmingly harried se...Rate it

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An Offer Of Marriage
Ambrose Bierce
Once I 'dipt into the future far as human eye could see,' And saw-it was not Sandow, nor John Sullivan, but she The Emancipated Woman, who was weep...Rate it

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Arranged Marriage
Hina Qidwai
Sickly-sweet jasmine coils in her serpentine braid, bathed in rose water and mystic oils, swathed in scarlet silk and burnished in gold. Mirrored ...Rate it

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Ballo-bibaho / child-marriage
M Musafir

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Call It a Good Marriage
Robert Graves
Call it a good marriage - For no one ever questioned Her warmth, his masculinity, Their interlocking views; Except one stray graphologist Who fro...Rate it

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Catharina : The Second Part. On Her Marriage To George Courtenay, Esq.
William Cowper
Believe it or not, as you choose, The doctrine is certainly true, That the future is known to the Muse, And poets are oracles too. I did but expres...Rate it

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Composed on The Eve Of The Marriage Of A Friend In The Vale Of Grasmere
William Wordsworth
WHAT need of clamorous bells, or ribands gay, These humble nuptials to proclaim or grace? Angels of love, look down upon the place; Shed on the cho...Rate it

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Cupid Is Stupid As A Marriage Broker
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Cupid is so shallow his depth is mere veneer Cupid is so stupid he bungles his career Cupid is so callow his choice is immature Cupid is so stupid...Rate it

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Epithalamium: A Marriage Poem
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
'Twas summer, when softly the breezes were blowing, And Hudson majestic so sweetly was flowing, The groves rang with music & accents of pleasure An...Rate it

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For A Marriage Of St. Catherine By Hans Memmelinck
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
(In the Hospital of St. John at Bruges) MYSTERY: Catherine the bride of Christ. She kneels, and on her hand the holy Child Now sets the ring. He...Rate it

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For Anniversary Marriage-Days
George Wither
Lord, living, here are we As fast united, yet As when our hands and hearts by Thee Together first were knit, And, in a thankful song, Now sing we w...Rate it

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For The Marriage of Faustus and Helen
Harold Hart Crane
' And so we may arrive by Talmud skill And profane Greek to raise the building up Of Helen's house against the Ismaelite, King of Thogarma, and ...Rate it

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Given in Marriage unto Thee
Emily Dickinson
Given in Marriage unto Thee Oh thou Celestial Host— Bride of the Father and the Son Bride of the Holy Ghost. Other Betrothal shall dissolve— Wedlo...Rate it

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Holy Marriage
Nikhil Parekh
Every thunderstorm in the sky; was accompanied by pelting rain, Every festival celebrated on earth; was accompanied with loads of vibrant color,...Rate it

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Idylls Of The King: Song From The Marriage Of Geraint
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel, and lower the proud; Turn thy wild wheel thro' sunshine, storm, and cloud; Thy wheel and thee we neither love no...Rate it

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