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David Abraham
Ran the race and made the mark But it's sure not a car park Cos time and chance don't permit Theres sure time for everything David Justin Abraham...Rate it

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Robyn Kellar
My wonderful man Mark So tall handsome and dark So giving and loving, I love him The Love I feel will never grow dim He works so hard everyday wor...Rate it

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The Eve Of Saint Mark. A Fragment
John Keats
Upon a Sabbath-day it fell; Twice holy was the Sabbath-bell That call'd the folk to evening prayer; The city streets were clean and fair From w...Rate it

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A Health to Mark Twain
Henry Van Dyke
At his Birthday Feast With memories old and wishes new We crown our cups again, And here's to you, and here's to you With love that ne'er shall wa...Rate it

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Eternity's Mark
Kurt Philip Behm
Can time be discarded by reading your work Your wisdom a birthstone, eternity’s mark With experience salient, thoughts never to age A voic...Rate it

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Mark 11:24:26
Taleshia G MCcray
Therefore I say to you,whatever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them. And whenever you stand praying i...Rate it

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Mark Antony
John Cleveland
Whenas the nightingale chanted her vespers, And the wild forester couched on the ground, Venus invited me in th' evening whispers Unto a fragrant ...Rate it

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Mark as Bad
Angela Lorine Smith
Mark as bad for what reason I don't know I heard a lot of people uttering mean jokes sending messages in email to discourage my heart. When they ar...Rate it

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Mark The Concentrated Hazels That Enclose
William Wordsworth
MARK the concentred hazels that enclose Yon old grey Stone, protected from the ray Of noontide suns:--and even the beams that play And glance, whil...Rate it

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Mark Twain and Joan of Arc
Vachel Lindsay
When Yankee soldiers reach the barricade Then Joan of Arc gives each the accolade. For she is there in armor clad, today, All the young poets of t...Rate it

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Modern Love XLIII: Mark Where the Pressing Wind
George Meredith
Mark where the pressing wind shoots javelin-like, Its skeleton shadow on the broad-backed wave! Here is a fitting spot to dig Love's grave; Here...Rate it

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Not Stopping To Mark The Trail
Not stopping to mark the trail, let me push even deeper into the mountain! Perhaps there's a place where bad news can never reach me! Rate it

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Of Thy Life, Thomas, This Compass Well Mark
Henry Howard
Of thy life, Thomas, this compass well mark: Not aye with full sails the high seas to beat, Ne by coward dread, in shunning storms dark, On shallow...Rate it

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Pass It On Or Mark It Gone
Wallace Dean LaBenne
You can keep the humor if you pass it on. You can rid the rumor if you mark it gone. You can keep the glory if you pass it on. You can rid the sto...Rate it

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Question mark
Brayden Valley
To the girl that sittings in front of me in psych I've come up with how I’m gonna introduce myself it's gonna be a simple hello But the weight of t...Rate it

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Sometimes I watch you, mark your brooding eyes
Lesbia Harford
Sometimes I watch you, mark your brooding eyes, Your grave brow over-weighted with deep thought, Your mouth's straight line — details of such a s...Rate it

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St. Mark's Day
John Keble
Oh! who shall dare in this frail scene On holiest happiest thoughts to lean, On Friendship, Kindred, or on Love? Since not Apostles' hands can cl...Rate it

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The Last Mark
Kurt Philip Behm
Age is a demon, age is a shield Age is a weapon, age makes you yield Age is redundant, age self-defies Age is the truth, age often lie...Rate it

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The Legend of St. Mark
John Greenleaf Whittier
The day is closing dark and cold, With roaring blast and sleety showers; And through the dusk the lilacs wear The bloom of snow, instead of flowers...Rate it

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The Mark Of Cain
Kurt Philip Behm
Designated driver, your road to end at last The choice was yours, mistake inured, your future now your past Designated driver, those high beams i...Rate it

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The Mark Of Cain
Kurt Philip Behm
We are often the most critical Of what we are the most guilty of (Villanova Pennsylvania: January, 2015)Rate it

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The Monks of St. Mark
Thomas Love Peacock
'Tis midnight: the sky is with clouds overcast; The forest-trees bend in the loud-rushing blast; The rain strongly beats on these time-hallow'd s...Rate it

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Thou Blind Man's Mark
Sir Philip Sidney
Thou blind man's mark, thou fool's self chosen snare, Fond fancy's scum, and dregs of scatter'd thought, Band of all evils, cradle of causeless c...Rate it

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Uncle Mark
Dustin Michael Edwards
The day you left me it made me unhappy when I saw you, it made me wish you weren't gone. My brother said "my grandpa will take care of you instead....Rate it

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Willy Way Mark
Torn Clasic
Willy, dear Willy Way Mark Lived just south of the park He got married one day Took a woman to live his way She lived hers and he lived his Al...Rate it

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