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Paul Laurence Dunbar
MOTHER's gone a-visitin' to spend a month er two, An', oh, the house is lonesome ez a nest whose birds has flew To other trees to build ag'in; the ...Rate it

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Kandice Mercedes Marchman
Lonesome in a room lonesome in a bed lonesome with no sound lonesome in my head. Lonesome in my heart lonesome in my soul lonesome in my body lone...Rate it

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Douglas S Tash
Lonesome like a lonely dove That worries itself to death Lonesome like a suicidal man who Feels there's nothing left Lonesome like a homeless man...Rate it

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Angel Santos
The lonesome girl, Who made that lonesome song; Is much like me; Lonesome. The lonesome boy, Who sits there in a lonesome life; Is a lot like me; L...Rate it

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Miss Brandi
Lonesome, Like a man with no woman Lonesome, Like a twin with no twin Lonesome, Like a orca with no pod Lonesome, Like a child with no mother Lones...Rate it

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Lonesome World
Ellie Reeves
Are you there? For I am here. Lonely on this world. Nobody comes, To my aid. For I am here, You are there. Seperate for now. Lonely on this worldRate it

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"That Lonesome Train(In My Mind"
Time T. Tallent
Hear that lonesome sound Comin' from somewhere in the ground That lonesome whistle blows in my mind That lonesome, lonesome whine That lonesome tr...Rate it

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Gold Medals in Lonesome
Marion Darracott
Winning a second-place trophy in a one-man race, doing the tango alone, screaming "fire" in a phone booth, wearing a tie and tails to the county ja...Rate it

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In a Lonesome Burial-Place
Mathilde Blind
In a lonesome burial-place Crouched a mourner white of face; Wild her eyes--unheeding Circling pomp of night and day-- Ever crying, "Well away,...Rate it

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It is a lonesome Glee
Emily Dickinson
It is a lonesome Glee— Yet sanctifies the Mind— With fair association— Afar upon the Wind A Bird to overhear Delight without a Cause— Arrestless a...Rate it

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Lonesome Maze
Cemal Can Özmumcu
The mask that I wear now, quite strange to me Living without thee after these years changed me Need to cover my face, with the make-up happiness Di...Rate it

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Lonesome Night
Hermann Hesse
You brothers, who are mine, Poor people, near and far, Longing for every star, Dream of relief from pain, You, stumbling dumb At night, as pale sta...Rate it

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Lonesome Tear
Billy Koerner
Stars tripped lightly overhead, The moon sailed cross the sky. I gazed into your radiant eyes, And prayed I would not cry. The waves broke gently ...Rate it

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Lonesome Tree ( Sonnet )
Erwin Jung
O'er shines a moon on unique blossoms And thou they gleam in divine pulchritude A Prunus guides these delicates beyond Towards oblivion and purity ...Rate it

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Lonesome Whistle
Kurt Philip Behm
Behind on my rent… the door slamming behind A beggar of memories, doomed to remind Last boxcar of hope on a railway of dreams From here to tomor...Rate it

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Love's lonesome shores (Free Verse)
tj hatton
Along these shores Of loneliness Where lost loves Never call Memories like every Wave Just tumble as they fall The sky is Dark The clouds are grey ...Rate it

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Oh Lonesome Knight
Michael David Marlow
Oh Lonesome Knight, your so strong. Oh Lonesome Knight, your alone. Oh Lonesome Knight, you belong, Oh Lonesome Knight, hit the bong. Oh Lonesome K...Rate it

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On Moonlit Heath and Lonesome Bank
Alfred Edward Housman
On moonlit heath and lonesome bank The sheep beside me graze; And yon the gallows used to clank Fast by the four cross ways. A careless shephe...Rate it

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Radio signals atop a lonesome moon
Henra H
I sit and wonder Do these moon rocks  dream? There really is a  Color out here that people On earth can't quite see A quiet magic Here that sooth...Rate it

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The lonesome for they know not What
Emily Dickinson
The lonesome for they know not What— The Eastern Exiles—be— Who strayed beyond the Amber line Some madder Holiday— And ever since—the purple Moat ...Rate it

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