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The Lesson
Roger McGough
Chaos ruled OK in the classroom as bravely the teacher walked in the nooligans ignored him his voice was lost in the din 'The theme for today is v...Rate it

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A Builder's Lesson
John Boyle O'Reilly
'HOW shall I a habit break?' As you did that habit make. As you gathered, you must lose; As you yielded, now refuse. Thread by thread the strand...Rate it

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A lesson
Anna Cellmer
My lovely man It's me again You know Today I think That I really Need your help You know Recently I can't write In any other language Than yours So...Rate it

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A Lesson
Ada Cambridge
1. I know now why the world was sad, With so much good to make it glad; Why all things loveliest and best Have stirred vague sorrows in my breast,...Rate it

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A lesson in Bullying
Kev Green
The damage is done, it can't be reversed, A victim of bullies - I hadn't rehearsed. It wasn't a fist, it wasn't a stick, The method of torment they...Rate it

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A Lesson In Drawing
Nizar Qabbani
My son places his paint box in front of me and asks me to draw a bird for him. Into the color gray I dip the brush and draw a square with locks and...Rate it

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A Lesson In Humility
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
'Tis time, my soul, thou shouldst be purged of pride. What men are these with thee, whose ill deeds done Make thee thus shrink from them and be den...Rate it

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A Lesson Learned
To truely understand whats inside, You'd have to walk a mile in my shoes. You'd have to know my memories With the belief that you deserved it. The...Rate it

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A Lesson on Life
A Lesson on Life Life is a function , we're all going through The hope of believing , that breath gets us through … Another day gone , and anoth...Rate it

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A lesson repeated
Bill Kurple
The stage has been set again The players need not rehearse Their lines known by heart My performance likely the worse I am the only one that a...Rate it

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A Lesson Taught
Teresa Whitney
If I could teach you a lesson, I wonder what you will say, Should I teach you now I ask, Teach you here today, What is it I ask of you, In which y...Rate it

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A Life-Lesson
James Whitcomb Riley
There! little girl; don't cry! They have broken your doll, I know; And your tea-set blue, And your play-house, too, Are things of the long ago;...Rate it

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A Literature Lesson. Sir Patrick Spens in the Eighteenth Century Manner
Sir Walter Raleigh
VERSE I In a famed town of Caledonia's land, A prosperous port contiguous to the strand, A monarch feasted in right royal state; ...Rate it

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A Poet's Lesson
Arthur Macy
Poet, my master, come, tell me true, And how are your verses made? Ah! that is the easiest thing to do: - You take a cloud of a silvern hue, A tend...Rate it

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A Singing Lesson
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Far-fetched and dear-bought, as the proverb rehearses, Is good, or was held so, for ladies: but nought In a song can be good if the turn of the ve...Rate it

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An Old Lesson From The Fields
Archibald Lampman
Even as I watched the daylight how it sped From noon till eve, and saw the light wind pass In long pale waves across the flashing grass, And heard ...Rate it

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Fishing Lesson # 9
Tom Janca
I was a good kid, my mother said, take him fishing. You know that's what he has been wishing. "Ok! Ok! Were off to fish today." My Dad taught me le...Rate it

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haiku lesson
haiku artist
butterfly of faith emerges overnight from cocoon of beliefRate it

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lesson by defeat
How does it feel to lose? how does it feel to be all empty inside? stomach drops to your knees how embarrassing are they looking at me ? are they...Rate it

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Lesson in altruism
E.S. Conway
Learning lessons while your young, Will save you from distress, Listen close to everyone, Though no-one knows life best, No one person knows it a...Rate it

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Lesson Not Learned
Ireneo Porlon Adiao
Ahmed complains he's unfairly treated Yitzhak says, you get what you deserve John is too strong to be intimidated But Ahmed, Yitzhak and John fall ...Rate it

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Lesson Of Time
Ehsan Sehgal
Not only the time Besides that, The wrong decisions also teach Each one of us When I had time I waited and waited While someone didn't have For its...Rate it

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Life's Lesson Book
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Life is a ponderous lesson-book, and Fate The teacher. When I came to love's fair leaf My teacher turned the page and bade me wait. 'Learn first,' ...Rate it

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Politics for Tots: Lesson 2~ "The Party"
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, children, in this Lesson Two, Briefly we'll make some mention Of party, just in case that you Some day, with the intention Of furthering ambit...Rate it

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Retrospection Lesson 1: "Love"
Sun Ra
I'll always be with you You'll always be with me I love you, and you love me too I am your ears to hear, you are my eyes to see We'll stand by each...Rate it

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