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The fight for irish freedom
Liam Ó Comáin
Since Britain first invaded our shores As a nation we have never experienced Freedom although across the generations Many have fought and died for...Rate it

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To The Irish Dead
George Essex Evans
’TIS a green isle set in a silver water, A fairy isle where the shamrock grows. Land of Legend, the Dream-Queen’s daughter— Out of the Fairies’ han...Rate it

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A Poem Written In Time Of Trouble By An Irish Priest Who Had Taken Orders In France
Augusta, Lady Gregory
My thoughts, my grief! are without strength My spirit is journeying towards death My eyes are as a frozen sea My tears my daily food; There is noth...Rate it

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A Song For The Irish Militia
Thomas Davis
The tribune's tongue and poet's pen May sow the seed in prostrate men; But 'tis the soldier's sword alone Can reap the crop so bravely sown! No m...Rate it

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A Song For The Irish Militia
Thomas Osborne Davis
AIR--_The Peacock._ I. The tribune's tongue and poet's pen May sow the seed in prostrate men; But 'tis the soldier's sword alone Can reap the cro...Rate it

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A Song For The Irish Militia.
Thomas Osborne Davis
I. The tribune's tongue and poet's pen May sow the seed in prostrate men; But 'tis the soldier's sword alone Can reap the crop so bravely sown!...Rate it

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A Story. (For The Irish Delegates In Australia.)
Francis William Lauderdale Adams
Do you want to hear a story With a nobler praise than "glory," Of a man who loved the right like heaven and loathed the wrong like hell? Then, that...Rate it

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An irish air of beauty.
Liam Ó Comáin
~~~ Oh, play it again, oh, play it again… There is something there that I recall, a Fleeting melody, a snatch of tune. An old refrain that calls fo...Rate it

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An Irish Airman Forsees His Death
William Butler Yeats
I KNOW that I shall meet my fate Somewhere among the clouds above; Those that I fight I do not hate, Those that I guard I do not love; My county is...Rate it

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An Irish Poet
Kurt Philip Behm
Irish Poet by choice, the teachers did fail Because of my voice, not to their unavail The structures they hammered, the forms they imposed All l...Rate it

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An Irish Song
John Carr, Sir
Poor Molly O'Flannagan (Lord rest her soul!) Drank so deeply of whiskey, 'twas thought she would die; Her fond lover, Pat, from her nate cabin stol...Rate it

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An Irish Toast.
Edwin C Ranck
Here's to dear Ould Ireland, Here's to the Irish lass, Here's to Dennis and Mike and Pat, Here's to the sparkling glass. Here's to the Irish copper...Rate it

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Had I A Golden Pound (After The Irish)
Francis Ledwidge
Had I a golden pound to spend, My love should mend and sew no more. And I would buy her a little quern, Easy to turn on the kitchen floor. And for...Rate it

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I'M an irish republican
Liam O Comáin
~~~ I am an Irish republican for my nation is prevented From self- determining our own future because of British military and political occupatio...Rate it

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Irish Fairy
Esther Jacks
To know He's here So aches my heart For in many ways We are far apart We have softly and silently Barely just met Yet in my soul I know I am set I ...Rate it

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Irish History
haiku artist
A fable of poets about A table of potatoes in A stable of potentatesRate it

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Irish national betrayal
Liam Ó Comáin
Remove our national flag from the Mast you betraying 'Provisionals', For you have replaced our Tricolour With Britain’s imperial ‘Union Jack’. ~ Fo...Rate it

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Irish Nocturne
Clive Staples Lewis
Now the grey mist comes creeping up From the waste ocean’s weedy strand And fills the valley, as a cup If filled of evil drink in a wizard’s hand; ...Rate it

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Irish Peasant Song
Louise Imogen Guiney
I try to knead and spin, but my life is low the while. Oh, I long to be alone, and walk abroad a mile; Yet if I walk alone, and think of naught a...Rate it

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Irish Poets: Oliver Goldsmith
James McIntyre
Goldsmith wrote Deserted Village, Now again reduced to tillage; Once happiest village of the plain, Place now you look for it in vain; There bu...Rate it

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Irish Schoolmaster, The
James A Sidey
"Come here, my boy; hould up your head, And look like a jintleman, Sir; Jist tell me who King David was, Now tell me if you can, Sir." "King David ...Rate it

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Lament Of The Scotch-Irish Exile
James Jeffrey Roche
Oh, I want to win me hame To my ain countrie, The land frae whence I came Far away across the sea; Bit I canna find it there, on the atlas anywhe...Rate it

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My Irish Love
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Beside the saffron of a curtain, lit With broidered flowers, below a golden fringe That on her silver shoulder made a glow, Like the sun kissing li...Rate it

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On the Memory of Mr. Edward King, Drown'd in the Irish Seas
John Cleveland
I like not tears in tune, nor do I prize His artificial grief that scans his eyes; Mine weep down pious beads, but why should I Confine th...Rate it

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Proud to be irish
Liam Ó Comáin
(For A Friend) I am an Ulster born non-Catholic And my allegiance is to the land of My birth encircled by the lovely And at times rough Irish se...Rate it

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