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Tanya Bryant
Who is the person to blame? When you feel so scared, and think in vain. Who should be at fault for your shame? When the one who should love you is ...Rate it

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Innocent Death
Dewey lips catch a snowflake as it falls whisper soft An icy blink upon the tongue and then the heat returns as from within the furnace burns ...Rate it

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Innocent Death
Dewy lips catch a snowflake as it falls whisper soft An icy blink upon the tongue and then the heat returns as from within the furnace bur...Rate it

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Anastasia (Innocent Blood)
Katie Odell
"Come with me," said a voice that I had never heard before. I looked up to see the pale apparition of a girl. She outstretched a wispy hand, and wi...Rate it

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Death of the Innocent
Jessica Sipes
A child in innocent slumber Kindling life's gentle flame. No worries or cares to encumber, No sin, fault or shame. A baby so very young and small, ...Rate it

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Disaster Strikes the Innocent
Priscilla M. Pictou
On Tuesday September 11th, 2001, unknown terrorist hijacked and crashed planes straight into New York's Twin Towers These terrorists are people wit...Rate it

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Happily Innocent
Brian Oliveri
Crossing the border northern cold carving out soap bars boats to unfold traveling fast, then faster dirt road uncle at the wheel as the pistons ...Rate it

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Innocent Evolution
Emil de la Cruz
Dreary darkness, devoid of light, violent screaming, endless night. stormy weather, madness, fright, feeds the evil ones delight. Painful squealing...Rate it

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Innocent Eyes
Carla J Suggs
Innocent eyes gaze openly forward Into the many futures offered Trusting arms reach out with open hands To grasp the reality perhaps only seen by o...Rate it

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Innocent heart
Mirza Ghalib
Innocent heart, what has happened to you? Alas, what is the cure to this pain? We are interested, and they are displeased, Oh Lord, what is this...Rate it

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Innocent moon
Haridas Shyamkumar
Love me she says by her lips Heart say hash him piece into two Heart or lungs don't she care On the way her anger fast He and she were live along ...Rate it

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Innocent Or Guilty
Tina Copfer
It happened in june on a cold dark night A horrible murder no one in sight. A beautiful woman taken at a young age By a man they say filled with ra...Rate it

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Innocent Touch
Jennifer Sioux Gemmell
His hand accidentally brushed mine, an innocent gesture with no intent yet the electricity in that contact threatened to explode within my heart. I...Rate it

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Innocent Wisdom
Lilli Janzen
Its in the archives of Poetry.comRate it

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Only innocent die
Saroj Gupta
Terrorism knows no Geology And runs like unknown eteology And moves from Paris to Patna From France to Hindustan And the end result Only innocent d...Rate it

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sadist husband with innocent wife
Vasudha Pulukuri
1000's of asserts a girl enter into a new life.......... but, in the first night she insulted by her husband with the very cheap words...... so wha...Rate it

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The Age of Innocent Love
Jack Richards
Who would have believed it It is a reflection A mirrored glimpse, in the future Somewhat brilliantly shining to me I thought it was better than tha...Rate it

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The Fate Of An Innocent Dog
George Moses Horton
When Tiger left his native yard, He did not many ills regard, A fleet and harmless cur; Indeed, he was a trusty dog, And did not through the pa...Rate it

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The innocent
Larry Lowry
To be innocent is when you care about comics.to not care when you have to be at a place and enjoy playing with.a empty box as you spaceship.to be i...Rate it

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The innocent bystanders of divorce.
Elizabeth King
The sadness that divorce can bring. The ruined lives of everyone and everything. The heartache and pain, the price they pay. They live in fear, the...Rate it

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The Innocent Child
Ravi Kant
She is innocent She is cute and she is beautiful And very unique She appeared to me Motionless, Tensed And about to cry She is suffering She holds...Rate it

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The Innocent Thief
William Cowper
Not a flower can be found in the fields, Or the spot that we till for our pleasure, From the largest to the least, but it yields The bee never wear...Rate it

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Through the Innocent Eyes
What's that I see It's bigger than you and me It looks like dog Wait, that cloud looks like a frog Reach up and touch it if you can The sand benea...Rate it

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Where Innocent Bright-Eyed Daisies Are
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Where innocent bright-eyed daisies are, With blades of grass between, Each daisy stands up like a star Out of a sky of green. Rate it

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Young And Innocent At Heart
Nikhil Parekh
The leaves of the tree withered at the onset of autumn; rendering it as bare and a pathetic sight to witness, Although the body and trunk were sti...Rate it

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