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The Rosy Bosom’d Hours
Coventry Patmore
A florin to the willing Guard Secured, for half the way, (He lock'd us in, ah, lucky-starr'd,) A curtain'd, front coupé. The sparkling sun of Augus...Rate it

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The Book Of Hours Of Sister Clotilde
Amy Lowell
The Bell in the convent tower swung. High overhead the great sun hung, A navel for the curving sky. The air was a blue clarity. Swallows flew, And ...Rate it

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The Small Hours
Dorothy Parker
No more my little song comes back; And now of nights I lay My head on down, to watch the black And wait the unfailing gray. Oh, sad are winter...Rate it

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Ah! Where Are Hours Departed Fled? (excerpt)
Walther von der Vogelweide
Ah! where are hours departed fled? Is life a dream, or true indeed? Did all my heart hath fashioned From fancy's visitings proceed? Yes! I have sle...Rate it

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Along This Coast I Led The Vacant Hours
Walter Savage Landor
Along this coast I led the vacant Hours To the lone sunshine on the uneven strand, And nipt the stubborn grass and juicier flowers With one unconsc...Rate it

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Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours)
Xiaoyuan Yin
Bulb Photography (Seven Capricious Hours) By Xiaoyuan Yin 【Streams】 Just wait for the marshmallow to melt… Foggy murmurs, derive from retrograde...Rate it

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Chant For Dark Hours
Dorothy Parker
Some men, some men Cannot pass a Book shop. (Lady, make your mind up, and wait your life away.) Some men, some men Cannot pass a Crap game. (He sa...Rate it

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Chorus Of Hours.
Susanna Moodie
Born with the sun, the fair daughters of time, We silently lead to a lovelier clime, Where the day is undimmed by the shadows of night, But eternal...Rate it

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Dark Hours: The Drunkard's Mother
Janet Hamilton
Dark hours of tearless, sleepless grief, Of woe, denied the soft relief Of tears, to soothe the burning smart That throbs and festers in my heart. ...Rate it

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Grey Hours: Naples
Arthur Symons
There are some hours when I seem so indifferent; all things fade To an indifferent greyness, like that grey of the sky; Always at evening-ends, on ...Rate it

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Happy Hours
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Where are they—those happy hours, Link'd with everything I see, With the colour of the flowers, With the shadow of the tree! Still the g...Rate it

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Hours Continuing Long
Walt Whitman
HOURS continuing long, sore and heavy-hearted, Hours of the dusk, when I withdraw to a lonesome and unfrequented spot, seating myself, ...Rate it

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I Rose From Dreamless Hours
James Elroy Flecker
I rose from dreamless hours and sought the morn That beat upon my window: from the sill I watched sweet lands, where Autumn light newborn Swayed th...Rate it

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I'd like to spend long hours at home
Lesbia Harford
I'd like to spend long hours at home With a small child to bother me. I'd take her out to see the shops And fuss about my husband's tea. Instea...Rate it

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In Hours Of Ebbing Tide
Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy
In hours of ebbing tide, oh trust not to the Sea! It will come back to shore with redness of the morrow; O don't believe in me when in the trance o...Rate it

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In My Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband his Absence
Anne Bradstreet
O Lord, Thou hear'st my daily moan And see'st my dropping tears. My troubles all are Thee before, My longings and my fears. Thou hitherto hast ...Rate it

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On The Road To Waterloo: 17 October (En Vigilante, 2 Hours)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
It is grey tingling azure overhead With silver drift. Beneath, where from the green The trees are reared, the distance stands between At peace: ...Rate it

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Song IX. - The fatal hours are wondrous near
William Shenstone
The fatal hours are wondrous near, That from these fountains bear my dear; A little space is given; in vain She robs my sight, and shuns the plain....Rate it

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Sonnet 5: Those hours, that with gentle work did frame
William Shakespeare
Those hours, that with gentle work did frame The lovely gaze where every eye doth dwell, Will play the tyrants to the very same And that unfair whi...Rate it

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Sonnet XXV: Winged Hours
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Each hour until we meet is as a bird That wings from far his gradual way along The rustling covert of my soul,—his song Still loudlier trilled thro...Rate it

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The Coloured Hours
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
GRAY hours have cities, Green hours have rhymes Of hearts grown loving In old summertimes, But the white hours have only A cloud in the sky And a s...Rate it

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The Passing of the Hours
Ella Higginson
The hours steal by with still, unasking lips— So lightly that I cannot hear their tread; And softly touch me with their finger-tips To fi...Rate it

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Two Hours Before Dawn
Kurt Philip Behm
It’s two hours before dawn, and I’ve slept through the night The rarest occurrence, but her footsteps come light She let me sleep soundly, ...Rate it

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Yet, Yet, Ye Downcast Hours
Walt Whitman
YET, yet, ye downcast hours, I know ye also; Weights of lead, how ye clog and cling at my ankles! Earth to a chamber of mourning turns--I...Rate it

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