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Anthony Bratsch
Holy Eternal Adequate Righteous Tender Sympathy Feelings I have deep inside, ways of expressing the love inside, with your love as an arrow shot ri...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
The heart of crystalline egg shell; lies in life bestowing yellow yolk, The heart of a fortified brick wall; lies in the amalgamated stone, The...Rate it

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Hearts First Word. I.
Isaac Rosenberg
To sweeten a swift minute so With such rare fragrance of sweet speech, And make the after hours go In a blank yearning each on each ; To drain the ...Rate it

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If Truth in Hearts That Perish
Alfred Edward Housman
If truth in hearts that perish Could move the powers on high, I think the love I bear you Should make you not to die. Sure, sure, if stedfast ...Rate it

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Of Hearts and Hands
Today I held the hand of a friend, as we ran from a beast. Linked by something so fragile, so cautious. Our hands and souls met for an instant, an...Rate it

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The inevitable changing of human hearts
Megan Brown
Some hearts change in an instant. For others, it takes time. However your heart changes I hope it's always mine.Rate it

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2 Hearts
Nikhil Parekh
Just because 2 scarlet clouds clashed vehemently with each other in the firmament of fathomless sky; doesn't inevitably apply; that torrential clou...Rate it

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A couple of happy hearts
Joey Black
What is this that has just happened to me? Was it karma, god, or perhaps just destiny That has put me with the goddess of the heart of this man? Oh...Rate it

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A Reverie ["Those hearts of ours -- how strange! how strange!"]
Abram Joseph Ryan
Those hearts of ours -- how strange! how strange! How they yearn to ramble and love to range Down through the vales of the years long gone, Up thro...Rate it

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As Much As Hearts Allow
Wallace Dean LaBenne
I have truly loved you as much as hearts allow I have truly loved you as much as I knew how I have safely kept you as near as shields allow I have...Rate it

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Avenues of broken hearts
Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how much I try No matter how much I exert myself I will never live up to her expectations It's hard to k...Rate it

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Binding Hearts
Norman Wilson
Binding Hearts The shackle that binds my heart will now be exposed. Like the temperate sultry winds that gently blow. For my love for you will neve...Rate it

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Broken Hearts
Nikhil Parekh
In order to resurrect the broken nose; one needed to perform adroit surgery, In order to recondition broken hair; one needed to scrub them profus...Rate it

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Charles Dickens
Broken hearts are like broken bottles, Only the pieces are left to be gathered, Some are meant to be forgotten, But some are kept to remind us of i...Rate it

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Broken hearts
Mayte Marie
Broken hearts and sleepless nights soaked pillows and shattered windows Ben n Jerry and Jack Daniels hatred rises and love vanishes fighting ...Rate it

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By Eve'ry Sweet Tradition of True Hearts
Thomas Hood
By ev'ry sweet tradition of true hearts, Graven by Time, in love with his own lore; By all old martyrdoms and antique smarts, Wherein Love died ...Rate it

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Cemetary Of Hearts
Amaiso Nensy
Cloudy sky Cover them from light Here lies My hopes, dreams, and love But in time I have to bury them alive Standing here With another heart To...Rate it

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December Hearts
We're both standing on the front porch Our hearts suspended above us Like a strand of Christmas lights The rising sun knots its rays Throughout bru...Rate it

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Empty Words, Deaf Hearts
Aida Javier Elvira
It passes and bounces around me. I imagined it senselessly swirling. You open your mouth and say something, but it never reached me. You mouthed "...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
The flames on ground; died a miserable death with the slightest draught of insipid wind, But the flames between their philandering eyes; rose high...Rate it

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Found Hearts
Norman Wilson
Found Hearts Lonesome was my heart lonely was my ways until I met an astonishing girl on that far-fetched day In the winds of mystery the air fill...Rate it

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hazel Shirley
When I don't have a wish to fly….. Why do you want to tie my wings! When I don't admire rain to watch…. How can you think I can enjoy its touch! W...Rate it

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Hearts Are Sworn
Mario William Vitale
hearts are sworn some placed no big deal a chance at circumstance with words that flea one heart to mold a hand to heal the roof is odorless shared...Rate it

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Hearts At Rest
Kurt Philip Behm
A storm is coming, the sky will cry Each cloud a tissue, old light to die The gale once gone, all hope renewed From end to end, the pict...Rate it

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Hearts away
Shawn Philip Licata
Leo's heart was crossed. Love is waiting but Never lost! Beyond the stars- Beyond the universe- Hidden somewhere in between- Serenity and metaphor...Rate it

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