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Edward Thomas
Four miles at a leap, over the dark hollow land, To the frosted steep of the down and its junipers black, Travels my eye with equal ease and deligh...Rate it

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A Health to Mark Twain
Henry Van Dyke
At his Birthday Feast With memories old and wishes new We crown our cups again, And here's to you, and here's to you With love that ne'er shall wa...Rate it

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A Health To The Queen
Sydney Thompson Dobell
While the thistle bears Spears, And the shamrock is green, And the English rose Blows, A health to the Queen! A health to the Queen, a health to th...Rate it

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Epistle To The Rev. J--- B---, Whilst Journeying For The Recovery Of His Health.
Patrick Bronte
When warm'd with zeal, my rustic Muse Feels fluttering fain to tell her news, And paint her simple, lowly views With all her art, And, though in ge...Rate it

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Health is wealth
Abhishek Krishna
Title of the poem: Health is wealth; Rhyming : (5,7,5) a-a-a Working for health, Health gives all wealth, Wealth is health. Abhishek Krishna Goe...Rate it

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Health is wealth
Saroj Khan
Health is wealth Environment makes you healthy Self satisfaction is more worthy. Saroj khan[sakha]Rate it

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Health vs. Vainity
Diana Hambrick
Health is such a great excuse for vanity which I believe to be a disease. I constantly pinch my stoumach to check for fat. I'm on the scale every ...Rate it

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Health, An Eclogue
Thomas Parnell
Now early Shepherds o'er the Meadow pass, And print long Foot-steps in the glittering Grass; The Cows neglectful of their Pasture stand, By turns o...Rate it

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Here's A Health To Them That's Awa
Robert Burns
Here's a health to them that's awa, Here's a health to them that's awa And wha winna wish guid luck to our cause, May never guid luck be ...Rate it

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Here's To Thy Health
Robert Burns
Tune - "Laggan Burn." Here's to thy health, my bonie lass, Gude nicht and joy be wi' thee; I'll come nae mair to thy bower-door, To tell thee that...Rate it

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Here’s a Health to King Charles
Sir Walter Scott
Bring the bowl which you boast, Fill it up to the brim; ’Tis to him we love most, And to all who love him. Brave gallants, stand up, And avaun...Rate it

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HOW many of the body's health complain,
Jones Very
HOW many of the body's health complain, When they some deeper malady conceal; Some unrest of the souled, some secret pain, Which thus its presen...Rate it

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Life Without Health
William Watson
Behold life builded as a goodly house And grown a mansion ruinous With winter blowing through its crumbling walls! The master paceth up and down hi...Rate it

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Ode to Health
Mary Darby Robinson
Come, bright-eyed maid, Pure offspring of the tranquil mind, Haste, my fev'rish temples bind With olive wreaths of em'rald hue Steep'd in morn's e...Rate it

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Ode to Health, 1730
William Shenstone
O Health! capricious maid! Why dost thou shun my peaceful bower, Where I had hope to share thy power, And bless thy lasting aid? Since thou, alas!...Rate it

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Ode to My Health
Kenneth Kee
Ode to My Health Health with you I mean to live Since you alone joy can give. We can all be a little more giving Stay active, eat well and enjoy l...Rate it

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Shadows-( my mental health )
Michael A. Watkins
Shadows of my other life in my mind to me is real, the person that I want to be- I cannot yet reveal, lost to one, but am I saved- from shadows of ...Rate it

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Song (Here's a health to thee, Mary...)
Barry Cornwall
Here's a health to thee, Mary, Here's a health to thee; The drinkers are gone, And I am alone, To think of home and thee, Mary. There are some who...Rate it

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To A Friend: Chafing At Enforced Idleness From Interrupted Health
William Watson
Soon may the edict lapse, that on you lays This dire compulsion of infertile days, This hardest penal toil, reluctant rest! Meanwhile I count you e...Rate it

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To A Gentleman On His Voyage To Great-Britain For The Recovery Of His Health
Phillis Wheatley
WHILE others chant of gay Elysian scenes, Of balmy zephyrs, and of flow'ry plains, My song more happy speaks a greater name, Feels higher motives a...Rate it

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To A Lady On Her Coming To North-America With Her Son, For The Recovery Of Her Health
Phillis Wheatley
INDULGENT muse! my grov'ling mind inspire, And fill my bosom with celestial fire. See from Jamaica's fervid shore she moves, Like the fair mother o...Rate it

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To Health (From The Greek)
William Cowper
Eldest born of powers divine! Bless'd Hygeia! be it mine To enjoy what thou canst give, And henceforth with thee to live: For in power if pleasure ...Rate it

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World Health Day
Subhashchandra Adhav
World Health Day The Seventh of April This is very special day on life’s reel If you are reeling under depression And facing its aggression The da...Rate it

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