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A girl in bus rapes by six criminals in New Delhi (it has happened very recently)
Amir Samji
A girl was traveling on a bus all alone Presume; after work was going home By mistake; on wrong bus boarded on Then six criminal; on bus jumped on ...Rate it

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A Tale, Founded On A Fact, Which Happened In January, 1779
William Cowper
Where Humber pours his rich commercial stream, There dwelt a wretch, who breathed but to blaspheme. In subterraneous caves his life he led, Black a...Rate it

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How It Happened
James Whitcomb Riley
I got to thinkin' of her--both her parents dead and gone-- And all her sisters married off, and none but her and John A-livin' all alone there in t...Rate it

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I saw what happened
Jet Rood
Last time as I remember him as a bundle full of joy was the time there was room for him to be himself He was really funny and had a heart of gol...Rate it

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It happened so fast.
Carole A. Delger
It happened so fast, so I took a walk, its a lonely path and a winding road I am on. Passing trees and faintly sounds, with mud holes and tracks th...Rate it

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It once happened
Kobayashi Issa
It once happened that a child was spared punishment through earnest solicitation. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it

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Pretend Nothing Happened
Emile Pinet
Let's say you misunderstood, or that I hadn't said a word. Maybe pain brought me to my knee, and it was the wind you heard. Perhaps it was just a ...Rate it

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Self-CONFIDENCE: What Happened To Me?
Leonard Morgan
I Used to be so positive and Confident... I Used to Create party's with Confidence, I Used to be the Master of Ceremony... I got everybody Involved...Rate it

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What Happened
Rudyard Kipling
Hurree Chunder Mookerjee, pride of Bow Bazaar, Owner of a native press, "Barrishter-at-Lar," Waited on the Government with a claim to wear Sabres b...Rate it

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What Happened
Larry Stallings
I wrote a Haiku last week I named Fall. I tried to post it and received a msg that said problem with poetry.com try again later. It took several at...Rate it

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What Happened to Icarus
Alisha Galloway
My wings in good shape flap as that of birds, They carry me into the heavens, I will touch the sun, My fathers warnings far behind me, I soar throu...Rate it

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What happened?
Karolina Marszałkowska
What happend to sun That it's not as bright as before Where could it run And moreover what for? What happened to stars That it's less of them on t...Rate it

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What Has Happened?
Bertolt Brecht
The industrialist is having his aeroplane serviced. The priest is wondering what he said in his sermon eight weeks ago about tithes. The generals a...Rate it

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What's Happened to the Stars?
Noura Majbri
She stood by the window, staring at the sky. It was pitch black, yet she couldn't understand why. "What's happened to the stars?" she wondered with...Rate it

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