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Carl Sandburg
I asked a gypsy pal To imitate an old image And speak old wisdom. She drew in her chin, Made her neck and head The top piece of a Nile obelisk...Rate it

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Gypsy Jill
Robert William Service
They're hanging Bill at eight o' clock, And millions will applaud. He killed, and so they have to kill, Such is the will of God...Rate it

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Gypsy Queen
Vicky Ring
You want to find buried treasures, riches, and love and health, Talk to the Gypsy Queen, Whatever your heart desires, She can measure the distance ...Rate it

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Gypsy Vans
Rudyard Kipling
Unless you come of the gipsy stock That steals by night and day, Lock your heart with a double lock And throw the key away. Bury it under the black...Rate it

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The Fortune-Teller, a Gypsy Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
LUBIN and KATE, as gossips tell, Were Lovers many a day; LUBIN the damsel lov'd so well, That folks pretend to say The silly, simple, doting Lad, W...Rate it

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The Gypsy
Ezra Pound
That was the top of the walk, when he said: 'Have you seen any others, any of our lot, With apes or bears?' A brown upstanding fellow Not like the ...Rate it

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The Gypsy
Edward Thomas
A fortnight before Christmas Gypsies were everywhere: Vans were drawn up on wastes, women trailed to the fair. 'My gentleman,' said one, 'you've go...Rate it

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The Gypsy
Guillaume Apollinaire
The gypsy knew in advance Our two lives star-crossed by night We said farewell to her and then from that deep well Hope began Love heavy a performi...Rate it

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The Gypsy and the Wind
Federico García Lorca
Playing her parchment moon Precosia comes along a watery path of laurels and crystal lights. The starless silence, fleeing from her rhythmic tambou...Rate it

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The Gypsy Girl
Ralph Hodgson
'Come, try your skill, kind gentlemen, A penny for three tries!' Some threw and lost, some threw and won A ten-a-penny prize. She was a tawny ...Rate it

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The Gypsy-Trail
Rudyard Kipling
The white moth to the closing bine, The bee to the opened clover, And the gipsy blood to the gipsy blood Ever the wide world over. Ever the wi...Rate it

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The Sea Gypsy
Richard Hovey
I am fevered with the sunset, I am fretful with the bay, For the wander-thirst is on me And my soul is in Cathay. There's a schooner in the of...Rate it

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Time, You Old Gypsy Man,
Ralph Hodgson
Time, You Old Gypsy Man Will you not stay, Put up your caravan Just for one day? All things I'll give you Will you be my guest, Bells for your...Rate it

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