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Eugene Field
There is a certain Yankee phrase I always have revered, Yet, somehow, in these modern days, It's almost disappeared; It was the usage years ago, Bu...Rate it

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An Ode : While From Our Looks, Fair Nymph, You Guess
Matthew Prior
While from our looks, fair nymph, you guess The secret passions of our mind; My heavy eyes, you say, confess A heart to love and grief inclined. T...Rate it

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Don't Guess
Herbert Guitang
Don't Guess Answer my empty underlying heart An open space to make you stay We won't fail and accept our mistakes Don't guess because my love is p...Rate it

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Guess Again
Ringgold Wilmer Lardner
"I guess I'll help you, daddy." And daddy can't say "No;" For if he did, 'twould wound you, kid, And cause the tears to flow. "I guess I'll hel...Rate it

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Guess What
James Johnson
Guess What Do you understand Who would like to be you man I just want to hold you Close more than a moment or two I just want to kiss your Lips an...Rate it

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Guess what I'm thinking...(2)
Greg Upole
that the way you smile at me triggers that funny feeling inside telling me I'm in love... that whenever you're near, close enough to touch, I'm sca...Rate it

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House Guess
Kimberley Brunette
Welcome to my home And please remove your shoes Too much dirt to clean up And I don't have time for that But welcome and please come in For we are ...Rate it

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I am alive—I guess
Emily Dickinson
I am alive—I guess— The Branches on my Hand Are full of Morning Glory— And at my finger's end— The Carmine—tingles warm— And if I hold a Glass Acr...Rate it

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Left To Guess
Wallace Dean LaBenne
She wore her most alluring smile and quickly turned aside. There was nothing left to guile and men would take a slide. She faked her most innocent...Rate it

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Left To Leave Not To Guess
Lawrence S. Pertillar
Not a minute did you wait, For me to hesitate and come... With my shoulder. To lay your weary head upon. While patiently listening to you, Complain...Rate it

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Love is Lust I guess
Abinash Parajuli
To love some one is hard When you are bound by barriers To tell her is even much harder When she is haunted by devils All around her She is an ang...Rate it

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She Shall Not Guess
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Even if I died no sound should tell it her. Death babbles, but the calm of her dear eyes In vain would ask, no tell--tale breath should stir The li...Rate it

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