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Over and over, like a Tune
Emily Dickinson
Over and over, like a Tune— The Recollection plays— Drums off the Phantom Battlements Cornets of Paradise— Snatches, from Baptized Generations— Ca...Rate it

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Sonnet 21 - Say over again, and yet once over again
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
XXI Say over again, and yet once over again, That thou dost love me. Though the word repeated Should seem 'a cuckoo-song,' as thou dost treat it, ...Rate it

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Falling Over a Shadow
Lying in bed covered in a soft silk sheet Under the night sky’s cold breeze She’s caught up with that man’s shadow She’s losing her mind as swift a...Rate it

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The Evening Darkens Over
Robert Seymour Bridges
The evening darkens over After a day so bright, The windcapt waves discover That wild will be the night. There's sound of distant thunder. The lat...Rate it

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Over The Hillside
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
FAREWELL. In dimmer distance I watch your figures glide, Across the sunny moorland, The brown hillside; Each momently up rising Large, dark a...Rate it

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"Glee! The Great Storm Is Over!"
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson
Glee! The great storm is over! Four have recovered the land; Forty gone down together Into the boiling sand. Ring, for the scant salvation! Tol...Rate it

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A Sleepy Song That Grania Used To Be Singing Over Diarmuid The Time They Were Wandering And Hiding From Finn
Augusta, Lady Gregory
Sleep a little, a little little, for there is nothing at all to fear, Diarmuid grandson of Duibhne; sleep here soundly, Diarmuid to whom I have giv...Rate it

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a watch over the city
Andrew Ryan Kuykendall
north portland, on a sleepy see-saw evening at the highway's edge and people are nothing but destinations, and the idea of the last person that mea...Rate it

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After The Death Of Vittoria Colonna. Love's Triumph Over Death.
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Quand' el ministro de' sospir. When she who was the source of all my sighs, Fled from the world, herself, my straining sight, Nature who ga...Rate it

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Airship Over Suburb
J. C. Squire
A smooth blue sky with puffed motionless clouds. Standing over the plain of red roofs and bushy trees The bright coloured shell of the large ...Rate it

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All Over Again
Kaushik Ghosh
One day I'll walk naked feet over the morning grass again! I'll chase the butterflies and I'll stop chasing all those illusive goals that others ha...Rate it

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All Over Again
All Over Again
"All Over Again" Wake up feeling the same way again, pain and tears, Just trying to have a place to call my own some day, They say I sho...Rate it

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Almost Over
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
YOU say I should not think upon her now: But then I have stood beside her listening, And watched her rose—breathed lips when she would sing: And...Rate it

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Almost Over You
Jo Anne Padua Rabanillo
I muttered your name one last time As I remember our nights I tried to erase your memory in mine As I gently pull you out of my mind It's a good th...Rate it

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Angel's Look Over Me
Perry Campanella
First I must honor God Second honor his name Third I must be obedient Fourth be kind and true Fifth I must honor father mother too Sixth I must nei...Rate it

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Are We Officially Over ?
Ahmad Al_khatat
Are we officially over now and nothing can get us back, Our family and friends almost tried everything to get us back But nothing really worked out...Rate it

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As One does Sickness over
Emily Dickinson
As One does Sickness over In convalescent Mind, His scrutiny of Chances By blessed Health obscured— As One rewalks a Precipice And whittles at the...Rate it

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Bridge over river of dreams
Brian J Cheville
Come join us in the river of dreams, cast yourself into the darkened waves, all your misery,pain,and sorrow, the heartaches of your broken dreams, ...Rate it

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Charley Over The Water
Walter Crane
Over the water, and over the lea, And over the water to Charley; And Charley loves good ale and wine, And Charley loves good brandy, And Charley lo...Rate it

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Colors cross over
Mark cloutier
Colors cross over To the other side In vast and contrast They envelope the moon And fill the sun In coordinated schemes And bring it together In it...Rate it

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Cross over
Darlene Dai'Re
I have cross over many bridges that kept me under the bridge.So that I cannot see what was in front of me.Crossing over my bridges gave me a second...Rate it

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Crossing Over
Kurt Philip Behm
Memory is a river, bound for the sea One waterfall to cross —death’s waters to free (Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)Rate it

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Crossing Over & Looking Back
Kurt Philip Behm
Crossing over, I thought I’d be different Crossing over, I thought things would change Crossing over, I thought I’d be better Crossing ove...Rate it

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Crossing Over — Turned Around
Kurt Philip Behm
Through the eye of the needle Not to the left or the right Dodging both on the comets tail I streak into the light My last wish out in front As wo...Rate it

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Crunching over improved waste
Mgbada chukwudi cletus
Bleating men of a herbivores, Making for the grasses, Haven got a rope in the neck, Like a saharan slave, seeking an heritage of liberation, With n...Rate it

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