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Lilly Emery
At times in my life, when I am feeling distressed, To find my wounds and I cry to the moon,lying undressed looking like a big mess crying over th...Rate it

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Inge Meldgaard
Once upon a time in September, when Springtime's tender blooms burst forth, the joyous poet did write a tale to remember, of brilliant colours, sof...Rate it

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Alan Alexander Milne
Lords of the Nursery Wait in a row, Five on the high wall, And four on the low; Big Kings and Little Kings, Brown Bears and Black, All of ...Rate it

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Dustin Strong
Forgotten by the night Those who have lost Before they could love Forgotten be the happiness Upon which we thrive Destroying the bridges we b...Rate it

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Gabriel McBride
Look into your third eye, behold what you see; civilizations forever recycling, right before me. Adapting, growing, evolving, reaching to the light...Rate it

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Gone but not forgotten
Roger McGough
Was it really that long ago? Where the years have flown heaven only knows We think about him often As the nights close in and the whisky flows O ...Rate it

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The Forgotten Army.
Alan Parry-Booth
THE FORGOTTEN ARMY. (A belated lament.) So they signed a bloody armistice In nineteen-forty-five And the soldiers all came home again Those which ...Rate it

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Death Forgotten
Garrett Fishwick
Upon the metal bed I sleep anew The trust of my life given Hope of continued living Life placed in the hands of the man in blue Halfway through th...Rate it

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Forgotten Lord
Kurt Philip Behm
Deep into the night of the harrowing dawn, old voices went astray And fast on the morning of no return, final judgment came to stay Crashing ...Rate it

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Je n'ai pas oublié, voisine de la ville (I've not forgotten, near the town)
Charles Baudelaire
I've not forgotten, near to the town, our white house, small but alone: its Pomona of plaster, its Venus of old hiding nude limbs in the meagre gro...Rate it

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A Forgotten Tale
Arthur Conan Doyle
[The scene of this ancient fight, recorded by Froissart, is still called 'Altura de los Inglesos.' Five hundred years later Wellington's soldiers w...Rate it

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A Forgotten Wish
Kurt Philip Behm
Every word not spoken —the lost child of a forgotten wish (Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2016)Rate it

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a love not forgotten
Haunted Memories
Her name was music to my ears, Losing her was my only true fear. The love in the touch of her hand, Could cripple the strongest of men. Haze...Rate it

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A Promise Forgotten
Kurt Philip Behm
Are you the hero of your own dime novel Are you the toy at the bottom of the cracker jacks box Are you the name on the wall of the public ...Rate it

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A simple love... Not forgotten
amy white
How could you stand it? Why did I end it? I am sorry to hurt you Not once but twice I musn't be very nice How can I stand this How can I be so senc...Rate it

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A Son, Yet Forgotten
Jesse Duvall
I wish for you to love me, and care for me, and keep me safe from harm But at the same time, I wish to keep you away, for fear that your love ...Rate it

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Almost Forgotten
Kathy A. Wittman
I silently meditate, wondering about the treasures once contained within this ancient, faded hope chest, discovered now by me, a curious stranger i...Rate it

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At the Grave of the Forgotten
Effie Waller Smith
In a churchyard old and still, Where the breeze-touched branches thrill To and fro, Giant oak trees blend their shade O'er a sunk...Rate it

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Australia's Forgotten Flag
Henry Lawson
Oh! the Cross of deepest blue, With the bright stars shining through, That was raised, my sons, for you, On a skirt of purest whiteness long ago, L...Rate it

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Ballade Of Forgotten Loves
Arthur Grissom
Some poets sing of sweethearts dead, Some sing of true loves far away; Some sing of those that others wed, And some of idols turned to clay. I si...Rate it

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But Not Forgotten
Dorothy Parker
I think, no matter where you stray, That I shall go with you a way. Though you may wander sweeter lands, You will not soon forget my hands, Nor yet...Rate it

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Dreams Forgotten
Kurt Philip Behm
Whispers before me, echoes behind Voices portending, words to remind Sleepless imprisoned, nights linger on Shadows approaching —memory gone (D...Rate it

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Forgotten & Lost
Kurt Philip Behm
Art, the DMZ between wishes and dreams Escape for the traveler —forgotten and lost (Villanova Pennsylvania: Watching The Eagles 3-Hour Docum...Rate it

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Forgotten & Lost
Kurt Philip Behm
Art, the DMZ between nightmares and dreams Escape for the traveller, forgotten and lost (Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)Rate it

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Forgotten Dead, I Salute You
Muriel Stuart
Dawn has flashed up the startled skies, Night has gone out beneath the hill Many sweet times; before our eyes Dawn makes and unmakes about us still...Rate it

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