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Paula Mayabb
I talked about it Wrote a few poems Now imma keep it in Bury it in my stomach And see how that works Talking didnt help If you read my poems You'l...Rate it

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I'm "wife"—I've finished that
Emily Dickinson
I'm "wife"—I've finished that— That other state— I'm Czar—I'm "Woman" now— It's safer so— How odd the Girl's life looks Behind this soft Eclipse— ...Rate it

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It is finished
Resounding throughout the universe transcending time and space Is the greatest shout of victory heard by the human race. From the lips of the Lor...Rate it

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New York Tears (finished version!!)
Hand stuffed in her left back pocket, She steps off the block, Cigarette in hand. Her dark hair stuffed in the floppy hat She uses to cover her fac...Rate it

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On A Recently Finished Statue
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Said Sculptor to immaculate marble-'Show Thine essence; into necessary space Most pure describe thine unshaped Purity!' And lo this Image! As a bub...Rate it

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There is a finished feeling
Emily Dickinson
There is a finished feeling Experienced at Graves— A leisure of the Future— A Wilderness of Size. By Death's bold Exhibition Preciser what we are ...Rate it

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Tis Finished
Henry Clay Work
'Tis finished! 'tis ended! The dread and awful task is done; Tho' wounded and bleeding, 'tis ours to sing the vict'ry won, Our nation is ransom'd--...Rate it

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When It is Finished
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
WHEN it is finished, Father, and we set The war-stained buckler and the bright blade by, Bid us remember then what bloody sweat, What thorns, what ...Rate it

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