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. . . and filled with a shrouded white light
Robert E. Bell
Isn't it a tragedy when a person never gathered enough capable knowledge during their length of time deliberately rebelling against it?" said ...Rate it

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A Ballad of a Smoke-filled Wagon
Svetlana Rakhimova
This poem is based on a real life story... - This is so painful, darling, so weird, Akin underground we are - you and I, And on top our branches a...Rate it

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A world filled with sadness
Solomon Kamara
We live in a world filled with sadness Some hide it in tears Others hide it in anger While the rest hide behind their smile Partially caused by la...Rate it

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Embryonic Filled Head
Ian Sawicki
Let me focus on my emotional crippling sweet-pain for but a moment. Rudimentary; I am unfinished - palpable absurdity chains freedom, whispers waft...Rate it

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Filled with you
Carlito R. Dela Casa
I can see you Whatever you do Wherever you go Because my eyes Are in my heart And my heart Is filled with you. ***************** © Copyright : Carl...Rate it

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Heart Filled Love
Jennifer Ann Ezquerra
The beauty that lights up you life, Makes a verity of luminous daylight. The vision, the sight- Sets a mood of continuous insight. Lust within a ...Rate it

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Life Is Filled With Magic
Emile Pinet
Navigating rivers of doubt, love flounders on depression's shore. And yet time repairs broken hearts, until they don't hurt anymore. Anchored in t...Rate it

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My heart of heart filled with your love
Taleshia G MCcray
I fall in love with great man. You are the only one I see. I'll love you forever. I want to be in your arms. The warmth of your touch, your sweet s...Rate it

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No Garden Filled My Pains
Jessie Ní Leacaí
If windows opened wider to greener gardens, And shutters not stormed in repeated regressions, If kindness called in more pleasant passings, Would I...Rate it

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Smoke Filled Room
Here we are alone in This smoke filled room again Dark and comforting, dry and warm This is the place that makes us leave home Red bricks surround ...Rate it

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Sonnet : On Launching Some Bottles Filled With Knowledge Into The Bristol Channel
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Vessels of heavenly medicine! may the breeze Auspicious waft your dark green forms to shore; Safe may ye stem the wide surrounding roar Of the wild...Rate it

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Sunshine Has Filled The Room
Anna Akhmatova
Sunshine has filled the room with clear golden specks of dust. I woke up and remembered, dear, it was your birthday. But far beyond my windows s...Rate it

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The Fire That Filled My Heart of Old
James Thomson
The fire that filled my heart of old Gave luster while it burned; Now only ashes gray and cold Are in its silence urned. Ah! better was the fur...Rate it

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There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
William Cowper
There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins; And sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains. Lose all th...Rate it

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To primroses filled with morning dew
Robert Herrick
Why do ye weep, sweet babes? can tears Speak grief in you, Who were but born just as the modest morn Teem'd her refreshing dew? Alas, you have not...Rate it

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Upon julia'S hair filled with dew
Robert Herrick
Dew sate on Julia's hair, And spangled too, Like leaves that laden are With trembling dew; Or glitter'd to my sight, As when the beams Have their r...Rate it

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