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Eric Salazar
I wish I had been born a white picket fence spotless and clean with triangle tops pointing cloudward, parallel to passerbys A gap between each boar...Rate it

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Douglas E. Smith
Time, a horrible gate. Pictures of past an impermeable gap. We cannot pass. Pained imaginings of who you are, who you were. I ask in silence to be ...Rate it

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The Last Fence
William Henry Ogilvie
When the last fence looms up, I am ready And I hope when the rails of it crack There'll be nothing in front but the Master, The huntsman, the fo...Rate it

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A Fence
Carl Sandburg
Now the stone house on the lake front is finished and the workmen are beginning the fence. The palings are made of iron bars with steel points th...Rate it

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Back To An Old Fence
Bobby Ferguson
Unsteady now is the old fence around what used to be a beautiful garden, Gate is slightly ajar ...sounds of laughter and sweet fragrance of flowers...Rate it

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Over the Fence
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Taint my idea uv argument to call a man a fool, An' I ain't lookin' round for bricks to 'eave at ole man Poole; But when 'e gets disputin' 'e's in...Rate it

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Over the fence
Emily Dickinson
Over the fence— Strawberries—grow—
Over the fence— I could climb—if I tried, I know— Berries are nice! But—if I stained my Apron— God would ce...
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The White Picket Fence
Gregory Baranoff
The call tonight broke the silence Sister A. called with the news Sister Linda came to town Twenty years of separation ending Father J. was dead. I...Rate it

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