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Bombing fault lines
Neil Patterson
Did the seal cause an explosion underneath, The sea, causing fish to jump, scaring the birds, Making rats, cats and dogs to run beneath, for hills,...Rate it

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Fault Found In Others
Wallace Dean LaBenne
The stain found in others is found in ourselves Like devious dryads we are crafty elves The ploy found in others is found in ourselves Like liable...Rate it

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Fault Line
Kurt Philip Behm
Clothed in fraud, his disguise supreme Frightening listeners, confusion schemed His world inside, a caldera waits Armageddon trembling —the hour...Rate it

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Fault Lines
San Andreas Fault, Faultlessly, naturally: Tears of joy, wonder.Rate it

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Shantanu Chindhade
Wet night Cold pr*cks Frozen leaves Many weeks.. Fragrance dribbles Grief trickles Silence grows Whisper muffles Brisk steps Sudden halt Poems with...Rate it

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His Fault
Chante Abbott
Sheetless matress, unborn dead, Angry words never said. Fingernails are black escapes, Death is always never late. Father's anger never hunches, In...Rate it

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Is It My Fault?
Kamran Minder
Do I even really have friends at all? Why is it that no one seems to have time for me? I love how I'm always there for everyone else. But no one is...Rate it

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It Is The Printer's Fault
Eugene Field
In Mrs. Potter's latest play The costuming is fine; Her waist is made decollete-- Her skirt is new design. Rate it

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It my fault
Taleshia G MCcray
I'm sorry l wants to talk you more if l could go back in time when l first met you l would talk more to you but it to late maybe, may because l'm s...Rate it

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It's Not Her Fault (Wolf)
Robert Andrews
You leave your naked throat exposed and ask the wolf Where his bloody roses are? Pleasures victim!! Can you not feel the thorns in your back, the b...Rate it

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Robert Herrick
No fault in women, to refuse The offer which they most would chuse. --No fault: in women, to confess How tedious they are in their dress; --No faul...Rate it

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Sonnet 93: Oh Fate, Oh Fault
Sir Philip Sidney
Oh fate, oh fault, oh curse, child of my bliss, What sobs can give words grace my grief to show? What ink is black enough to paint my woe? Throu...Rate it

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The Fault Line
Wallace Dean LaBenne
War is the fault line that horrifies the peace Peace is the sunshine that glorifies the cease Poor is the fault line that horrifies the rich Rich ...Rate it

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The Fault of It
Ezra Pound
Some may have blamed us that we cease to speak Of things we spoke of in our verses early, Saying: a lovely voice is such as such; Saying: that lady...Rate it

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Was It His Fault?
Nikhil Parekh
Was it his fault; that he was born horrendously blind; witnessing nothing but remorsefully crippling darkness; since the very first cry of innocuou...Rate it

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Was It My Fault
Nikhil Parekh
Was it my fault that I loved her more than I could have ever loved every droplet of my euphorically mesmerizing sweat; and she on the other hand to...Rate it

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Your fault
Karolina Marszałkowska
You really think you got me? How naive I'd say I'm not so east to catch Is it night or day Don't even dream I will give you myself I'm not giving ...Rate it

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