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The Good, Old-Fashioned People
James Whitcomb Riley
When we hear Uncle Sidney tell About the long-ago An' old, old friends he loved so well When _he_ was young--My-oh!-- Us childern all wish _we'd 'a...Rate it

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An Old-Fashioned Garden
Ellis Parker Butler
Strange, is it not? She was making her garden, Planting the old-fashioned flowers that day— Bleeding-hearts tender and bachelors-buttons— Spreading...Rate it

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God Fashioned the Ship of the World
Stephen Crane
God fashioned the ship of the world carefully. With the infinite skill of an All-Master Made He the hull and the sails, Held He the rudder Read...Rate it

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Like Some Old fashioned Miracle
Emily Dickinson
Like Some Old fashioned Miracle When Summertime is done— Seems Summer's Recollection And the Affairs of June As infinite Tradition As Cinderella's...Rate it

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Old Fashioned Fun
William Makepeace Thackeray
When that old joke was new, It was not hard to joke, And puns we now pooh-pooh, Great laughter would provoke. True wit was seldom heard, And hu...Rate it

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Old Fashioned Roses
James Whitcomb Riley
They ain't no style about 'em, And they're sorto' pale and faded, Yit the doorway here, without 'em, Would be lonesomer, and shaded With a good 'ea...Rate it

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Old-Fashioned Child.
Robert Crawford
He was born old; they who got him were grey, And quaint as things that long had seasoned here When that he came — a too true vintage of The latenes...Rate it

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