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I have fallen, But can't get up. You make it so hard. When I think I'm fine, You pop back into mind. Then it happens again... I have fallen, And do...Rate it

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Ada Cambridge
For want of bread to eat and clothes to wear — Because work failed and streets were deep in snow, And this meant food and fire — she fell so low, S...Rate it

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Ambrose Bierce
O, hadst thou died when thou wert great, When at thy feet a nation knelt To sob the gratitude it felt And thank the Saviour of the State, Gods migh...Rate it

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john edwards
Unholy council and trumpet sound an evil work to be heard; mankind's descent. Hurried by blasphemous noises, even speeds his descent, lower. Bloo...Rate it

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Stripped bark bleeds red with blood as the ground is soft with fresh mud. All the animals come out to mourn their old friend lay broken in scorn. H...Rate it

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Fallen angel
alexis karpouzos
Fallen angel! Why are you scared? Why you dwelt alone in shadow? Why you tighten your fists? why threaten the whole life? i know, afraid to ....Rate it

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Helen’s Lament: Fallen Troy: Back to Greece
Alisha Galloway
Here I stand and lament, Troy has Fallen, Paris is dead. I’ll be back in the land of Greece, O’ my sadness is supreme What of life that once I owne...Rate it

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Fallen Leaves
Robert William Service
Why should I be the first to fall Of all the leaves on this old tree? Though sadly soon I know that all Will lose their hold and follow me. While m...Rate it

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I've fallen for you girl
Thabo Shongwe
You changed my world with a blink of an eye That is something that I can not deny You put my soul from worst to best That is why I treasure you my ...Rate it

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"fallen angel"
Steven Louis Chapman
She has fallen, quite upon my eyes, once forevermore, twice like before. For she is young, fallen not as wise, with sparkled passion, to win in sp...Rate it

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A Fallen Angel
Jessica Nicole Johnson
A Fallen Agel : that is loved A Fallen Angel: that was known A Fallen Angel: that was smart A Fallen Angel: that had a wonderful smile A Fallen Ang...Rate it

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A Fallen Angel
Michelle' Marie Chalfant
A Fallen Angel sent to earth a fallen angel to cease my hurt a fallen angel tends my need to a fallen angel my love procedes a fallen angel stuck b...Rate it

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A Fallen Angel Talks to God
Megan Phillips
Pale dissatisfactions block the sides, and I see watery eyes under their curtains, trapped in changeling dreams. There are waves of dark intensity,...Rate it

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A Fallen Leaf
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A trusting little leaf of green, A bold audacious frost; A rendezvous, a kiss or two, And youth for ever lost. Ah, me! The bitter, bit...Rate it

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A Fallen Star
Laura Pirard
I thought, once, when I walked at night beneath the shadows of moonlight mocked, When the air stood still and the cold mist of my breath built cl...Rate it

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A Fallen Yew
Francis Thompson
It seemed corrival of the world's great prime, Made to un-edge the scythe of Time, And last with stateliest rhyme. No tender Dryad ever did indue ...Rate it

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Ascention of the Fallen
Logan Korte
Falling down to Earth I take my last breath. A moment of rebirth before I meet my death. These chains binding me will no longer hold. I, finally, ...Rate it

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Babylon Is Fallen!
Henry Clay Work
Don't you see de black clouds Risin' ober yonder, Whar de Massa's old plantation am? Neber you be frightened, Dem is only darkies, Come to jine an'...Rate it

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Blood Of The Fallen
Kurt Philip Behm
Humanity is destined for being at war Attacking tomorrow, its fate still unsure New conflict resharpens the dullest of blades Where written in b...Rate it

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Dreams of the Fallen Legends
Evan Onwuachu
The appropriate response has been my inspiration, keeping me alert as the night progressed, keeping me in affection with my enthusiasm, the languag...Rate it

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Fallen Angel
Kayla Lynn Spiker
Fallen Angel see my tears Fallen Angel if only you knew Fallen Angel Why'd u have to fall Fallen Angel why so blue Fallen Angel don't be sad Fallen...Rate it

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Fallen Angel
Mary B Klipping
Blessed be the fallen angel, swirling to the ground. Blessed be the fallen angel, she's the one he's found. Blessed be the fallen angel, he clasps ...Rate it

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Fallen Angel
Janelle Marie Tennant
Fallen angel from the sky; Fallen angel doth not cry. Fallen angel no place to go; Fallen angel with no love to show. Fallen angel, what troubles y...Rate it

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Fallen Angel
Richard Wayne Davis
Fallen angel come to me, fallen angel I speak to thee Fallen angel I long for you, fallen angel there is not two Fallen angel darkness comes, falle...Rate it

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Fallen Angel
Shannan Marie Ross
I am fallen angel fallen into your arms I am a fallen angel who knows that you care This fallen angel knows you will always be there I am a fallen ...Rate it

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