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Chanson pour faire danser en rond les petits enfants
Victor Marie Hugo
Grand bal sous le tamarin. On danse et l'on tambourine. Tout bas parlent, sans chagrin, Mathurin à Mathurine, Mathurine à Mathurin. C'est le soir,...Rate it

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Laissez Faire
Kurt Philip Behm
Words… the great currency inside my literary account Inspiration, the letters of credit —freeing me to spend (Villanova Pennsylvania: Ma...Rate it

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
We'd harbored them on hovels, and in dens, Altho' in price they counted less than cattle, Had they not still the right, that ws all men's, To striv...Rate it

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Quel est celui qui veut faire croire de soi
Joachim du Bellay
Quel est celui qui veut faire croire de soi Qu'il est fidèle ami, mais quand le temps se change, Du côté des plus forts soudainement se range, Et d...Rate it

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She Moved Through the Faire
Padraic Colum
My young love said to me: My mother won't mind, And my father won't slight you for your lack of kind. She put her arms 'round me; these words she...Rate it

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Si celui qui s'apprête à faire un long voyage
Joachim du Bellay
Si celui qui s'apprête à faire un long voyage Doit croire celui-là qui a jà voyagé, Et qui des flots marins longuement outragé, Tout moite et dégou...Rate it

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SONNET. VVere thy heart soft as thou art faire
Henry King
VVere thy heart soft as thou art faire, Thou wer't a wonder past compare: But frozen Love and fierce disdain By their extremes thy graces stain....Rate it

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The Faire Amarillis
Sir Edward Dyer
Amarillis was full fayre: The goodlyest mayde was she From the east unto the west That heaven's eye could se. To Diana at her birthe Her parents d...Rate it

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The Faire Begger
Richard Lovelace
I. Comanding asker, if it be Pity that you faine would have, Then I turne begger unto thee, And aske the thing that thou dost crave. I will suf...Rate it

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To Phillis the Faire Sheeperdesse
Sir Edward Dyer
My Phillis hath the morninge Sunne, at first to looke upon her: And Phillis hath morne-waking birds, her risinge still to honour. My Phillis hath...Rate it

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Upon The Blush Of A Faire Ladie
William Strode
Stay lusty blood! where canst thou seeke So blest a seat as in her cheeke? How dar'st thou from her face retire Whose beauty doth command desire? B...Rate it

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When I by Thy Faire Shape Did Sweare
Richard Lovelace
I. When I by thy faire shape did sweare, And mingled with each vowe a teare, I lov'd, I lov'd thee best, I swore as I profest. For all the whi...Rate it

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