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Never Explain
Kurt Philip Behm
Once I tell you what it means, the cell walls isolate Other meanings locked inside —no hope of an escape (Inspired By Bob Dylan’s Comments To Dic...Rate it

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An Attempt to Explain Why We Killed the Earth
V. M. Fry
First, we began the intimacies by picking her flowers. Then, we sat by her good windblown ear and started With half-kisses. Fingering her resources...Rate it

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Don't Explain, Don't Complain
Wallace Dean LaBenne
There's usually time and money for things that matter most. Priorities set the scale for what we choose to host. The places where we travel for our...Rate it

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Explain to me please…
Diane JacksonBaul
Explain to me please… Explain to me, Let know me of why because I can't discover a purpose for you to make me cry Does all God's creatures ci...Rate it

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I Can't Explain Heart Reasons
Wallace Dean LaBenne
I can't explain heart reasons that reason cannot know. I can't explain my love for you or aim a Cupid's bow. I can't explain my laud for you or ye...Rate it

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I Explain
Stephen Crane
I explain the silvered passing of a ship at night, The sweep of each sad lost wave, The dwindling boom of the steel thing's striving, The little...Rate it

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Inspire Or Explain
Kurt Philip Behm
An apostle of verse, a peasant of prose To inspire divine, to explain—Heaven knows (Wayne Pennsylvania: June, 2019)Rate it

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To Never Explain
Kurt Philip Behm
Within every verse, many meanings reside The reader determines in which couplet you hide The words both descriptive with colors aglow The ...Rate it

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When the girl has to explain
I thought I had everything under control, savouring those little moments to help my soul. I thought if I confessed it would've been better, like th...Rate it

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