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Tancy Sims
To enjoy the sun, you must feel the warmth, To enjoy the moon, you must enjoy the glow. To enjoy the wind, you must enjoy the breeze. To enjoy life...Rate it

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A Day To Enjoy.
Teresa Whitney
It is early in the morning, And everything is calm, Now is the time I will ready, Using fragrant balm, I shall pull up that of my hair, And dress ...Rate it

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Days I enjoy
Victoria Sackville-West
Days I enjoy are days when nothing happens, When I have no engagements written on my block, When no one comes to disturb my inward peace, When n...Rate it

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Enjoy Cloud Nine
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Your flight test is normal. Your road test is fine. Your field test is formal. This is cloud nine. Your new friend is decent. Your old friend is f...Rate it

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Enjoy everyday fresh fruits
Jawahar Gupta
ENJOY EVERYDAY FRESH FRUIT =========================== When we think we are wise And love our life as comedy A few discourage with surprise C...Rate it

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Enjoy Life
Kristina Brooks
Feel the warm puffy sand around you, and smell the salty air of the crystal blue seas. Take time to relax and to breathe. For there is no one who s...Rate it

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Enjoy the day!
Al-qahira Bakra
Aroused this morning and greeted by the sun, Let me feedeth and be done, In need of it for one, Content with deep sighs, Sleepy with weak eyes, Inv...Rate it

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Enjoy the moment
Jawahar Gupta
ENJOY THE MOMENT ================ Love and beauty talk Life is graceful walk Looks so pretty bold Shy seasons unfold Dreams may heighten But free ...Rate it

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Enjoy Your Life
Sandra Meadows
Enjoy life and it will enjoy you. Never give up on the tried and the true. Just fix your eyes to the sky. Pray to God and never ask why. For the da...Rate it

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy it Your Way.
De De A. Reid
Happy Birthday! Enjoy it Your Way. by DeDe A. Reid Hot dog, pizza, chicken grilled, or bake. It's a birthday today, we need ice cream and a ca...Rate it

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I hope you enjoy your time away
Gerald Fitzwilliam
I hope you enjoy your time away Those awesome times, Those lovely days I hope you enjoy your time away I hope you enjoy your time away When you ...Rate it

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If Rape Is Inevitable; Enjoy It.
Nikhil Parekh
If drowning in the fathomlessly treacherous ocean seems inevitable; why not start to stupendously relish the unbelievably tangy spray of the sea on...Rate it

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Let Me Enjoy
Thomas Hardy
Minor Key I Let me enjoy the earth no less Because the all-enacting Might That fashioned forth its loveliness Had other aims than my delight....Rate it

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See wonders Enjoy Wonders
Shashikant Nishant Sharma 'साहिल'
My dear brothers Imagine wonders And you must remember You yourself is a wonder ‘You can do wonders Only pay heed my brothers Today you dream wonde...Rate it

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Song: Perswasions to enjoy
Thomas Carew
If the quick spirits in your eye Now languish and anon must die; If every sweet and every grace Must fly from that forsaken face; Then, Celia, ...Rate it

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To enjoy the time
Robert Herrick
While fates permit us, let's be merry; Pass all we must the fatal ferry; And this our life, too, whirls away, With the rotation of the day. Rate it

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