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Just another poet
One step forward And five steps back Because I don't know what I'm heading toward By my luck its something that will attack Dragging my feet throug...Rate it

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Endless Avenues
Daniel Millard
Three in one. My friend and hero found an object out walking in the country. An ordinary piece of stick to some, but he saw a cross and on one en...Rate it

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An endless miracle
Dominick Harvey
Before I met you I never understood love, You helped me and let me know it's okay, Thoughts of you run rampid each and everyday, Being with you I'm...Rate it

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An Endless Search
Vinit Gupta
To be or not to be; a bubble in the vast sky, craving to identify itself or to dissolve and mistify; a tide that if breaks free; a mirror that i...Rate it

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Endless bridges
Shariq Ejaz
Endless bridges in our life, We walk in perfect steps, Crossing over with a dream, This life has no regrets. No road we find too difficult, No moun...Rate it

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Endless Days
Luke A, Fink
The cold breath touches my soul The winters night grabs hold Endless stars overhead stare My world ends in icy flares She touches me and we entwine...Rate it

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Endless Embrace
Jacob "Sufferance" Bowen
With arms masculine and strong The gaze is long. With arms gentle and tender Nothing could render, The feeling of this embrace To be misplaced... ...Rate it

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Endless Insanity
The surrounding air grew thick Every second felt like an eternity How long has it been? My lungs filled with toxic gases My eyes reddened by fumes ...Rate it

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Endless Love
Arnab Kumar Roy
My love has found expression in countless forms, countless flames of candle… My dreams have grown as a flower in shade of your hand, Through the v...Rate it

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Endless miles
I think back on achievements I made in my walking miles Dreams of imaginations during while Struggles that were sustained Yet having the inspiratio...Rate it

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Endless Mind's
Georgina West
All these thoughts, crowding her mind Just going to jot it all down, So you can read, maybe listen. There's so much to say, so l...Rate it

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Endless nights
Melissa Torres
The days seem endless the nights even longer the feeling of loneliness is geting even stronger its weird i can't understand i'm surrounded by many ...Rate it

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Endless poem
anonymo magnifico
If I wrote an Endless poem, Would you read it? Would you study it? Would you spend all Your time on it? Would your twenty-four Hour day be used to ...Rate it

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Endless Song, The
Ruth McEnery
Oh, I used to sing a song, An' dey said it was too long, So I cut it off de en' To accommodate a frien' Nex' do', nex' ...Rate it

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Endless Song, The
Ruth McEnery Stuart
Oh, I used to sing a song, An' dey said it was too long, So I cut it off de en' To accommodate a frien' Nex' do', nex' do' To accommodate a frien...Rate it

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Endless Sorrow
Sir Evergrace Longsword
My brother spoke harshly to me, for cutting school that day, no one knew the words he spoke, would be the last that he would say One minute I felt...Rate it

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Endless Time
Rabindranath Tagore
Time is endless in thy hands, my lord. There is none to count thy minutes. Days and nights pass and ages bloom and fade like flowers. Thou know...Rate it

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Here Pushkin’s Endless Exile Has Begun
Anna Akhmatova
Here Pushkin's endless exile has begun, And Lermontov's exile turned out fatal, The mountain grass has a smell so sweet and gentle, And only once I...Rate it

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I thought our love is endless.
Mohamed Fazloon
Free to be myself and freedom in my heart; Haven't seen the full depth of myself from the start; I'm never alone and our long term relationship b...Rate it

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My Endless Love
Ujjol Kamal
my endless love,my endless love you`re my endless love i think of you dawn to dusk i feel you through the tulip-tip and lotus @#$% i dream of you e...Rate it

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Not Unto Endless Dark
William Wilfred Campbell
Not unto endless dark do we go down, Though all the wisdom of wide earth said yea, Yet my fond heart would throb eternal nay. Night, prophet of mor...Rate it

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One More Endless Night
Kassandra M. Konecny
Dear, dear Light, dear, sweet Light, you’ve stolen away in the dead of night while I should have been sleeping. My eyes no longer shine with green,...Rate it

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ray of endless light
Curtis Allison
the other night i saw a ray of endless light which all the heavens were encirled around. i could not see the light for all the darkness around it....Rate it

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The Endless Battle
Megan Barrett
On the outside you're tough Your life is pretty rough You hide your feelings from everyone But this addiction has just begun You carry a knife beca...Rate it

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The Endless Cycle
Kurt Philip Behm
Delivering what we said we wanted, wrapped in dirt and mud The politician slashed and burned, and each time drawing blood He tapped into our memor...Rate it

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