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Kelly Mandry
Life & Death Emotions Run Like Russian Roulette Awatin` Da Gun 2 Go Off Life & Death Emotions Run Awaitin` This Life's Unjustly Love Life & Death W...Rate it

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# 526 States of Emotion
Jean Gorney
Sometimes I wish I was more cerebral Instead of going on my emotions, Often being quite fortuitous Without the thought up potions. Doldrums come m...Rate it

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A Field Of Emotion
Ian Sawicki
Friendship sometimes brings cold heartache, but laughter too will dance rhythm across the distance in between me and you. I will never forsake you,...Rate it

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An Ecstatic Emotion
Ian Sawicki
Walking along tender fields of subtle shades, I raise eyes to morning light, a doorway to the heavens exploding delicate beams of magnificence, suc...Rate it

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Cicatrices of Emotion
Loner Lulu
Do you not think I wish to be founded on logic, Not to have to be emotionally driven, Not to have to hold myself down with a heavy heart. I wish I...Rate it

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Cognition with Emotion pt 1
Sun Ra
In my autombile, down was my head I looked up slowly to see an 18 wheeler that sped, Towards me without notice, nor with traction I clicked my sea...Rate it

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Cognition with Emotion pt 2
Sun Ra
Nature is truly a sight to see... Not to little Raymond who slid his pants below his knees He began to release with ease on a few oak trees Then on...Rate it

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Emotion Captures Quiet Musical Notes
Ian Sawicki
Beauty wraps us in smiles; fluttered wisps which linger on the edge of silent desire, kiss me? Laughter dances passion across these cool heartbeat...Rate it

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Emotion Or Volition
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Love as mere emotion makes for uncertainty Love as clear volition makes for security Love as mere emotion makes for scurrility Love as clear voliti...Rate it

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Tamara Hart
emotions are what complete our full life if we're not careful they cause much strife we each must choose the path feelings will take some we embrac...Rate it

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Life Without Emotion
First girl I loved eleven to thirteen While three months pregnant cheated on me And with all of the people it could have been Who'd of guessed it'd...Rate it

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Opposing Emotion Generals (Haiku)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Hate and love feelings Emotion war lords at war Heart is battlefield.Rate it

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Poetic Emotion.
Robert Crawford
The heart's throb makes the music: words are air, A mortal breath, if no emotion thrills The subtle syllables; and all men own The poesy, the passi...Rate it

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