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Black Diamond Embrace
Kurt Philip Behm
Selecting the misery, crown jewel of my pain To wear like a necklace, but serve as a chain Its dark stone on fire, all light one’s defaced ...Rate it

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Come Girl, And Embrace
Frank James Prewett
Come girl, and embrace And ask no more I wed thee; Know then you are sweet of face, Soft-limbed and fashioned lovingly; Must you go marketing your ...Rate it

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Come Lets Embrace Our New Religion
Nikhil Parekh
Religion is that - what even the most infinitesimal cranny of your eyes wanted to see—inexhaustibly absorb; admire; yearn for till times beyond inf...Rate it

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Embrace all sky
Shantanu Chindhade
Life became dry Faced all gloom Preyed for words Guitar without tune Days were stuck Mind body withered Drifted like a kite No body bothered This i...Rate it

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Embrace in my dreams
Taleshia G MCcray
l go my lonely path, take me away bye bye sick of being lonely l love you so much l wish you love me my life with out you it drive me crazy l hope ...Rate it

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Embrace Oblivion
Wallace Dean LaBenne
"Goodbye" without mercy and In the distance she watched... A cold, dry-eyed witness, Without remorse, without involvement. He stroked the air As if...Rate it

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Embrace Unconquerable life
Nikhil Parekh
Suicide; is a ghastily lingering spirit between resplendently sparkling heaven and diabolically ghastly hell, Suicide; is the most desperately he...Rate it

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Endless Embrace
Jacob "Sufferance" Bowen
With arms masculine and strong The gaze is long. With arms gentle and tender Nothing could render, The feeling of this embrace To be misplaced... ...Rate it

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Eternal Embrace
Kurt Philip Behm
Rushing into the arms of time… embracing eternity Making love to the moment —its destiny mine (Dreamsleep: November, 2019)Rate it

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Final Embrace
Jody Michael Crockett
Can you hear me crying in the middle of the night, Can you feel me drowning in sorrow. Just take me into your arms & hold me tight, Just embrace me...Rate it

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I forbear to sleep the dawns and embrace the time
Sunil Algama
Three thirty at dawn Time has woken me up Addressing my heart I can see her I know the innocent being looking at me lovingly Effusively and desirab...Rate it

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Is this Embrace a Waste?
Crystal Hedspeth
My want so burdens me every minute for just a taste Of your kiss melting into mine entwined as in a race My heart beats so fast when I think bey...Rate it

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lady deaths embrace
William Ofarrell
I've heard her haunting call. Ive lived with lady deathand loved her. My soul has Stood in the cold lifeless shadow of her wings. I was her sharp...Rate it

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Last Embrace
Brandon Recio
You're screaming so calmly. You're heart is bleeding, but it's killing me. There are one million things That I want to say, But this beautiful mome...Rate it

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Lost in his embrace (HAIKU)
Maria Shaw
Lying in his arms, bewitched by his loving charms, lost in his embrace.Rate it

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Love's sweet embrace
tj hatton
Sing me a song And sip my sweet wine, Share with me words That are true and sublime. Make it a love song With words soft and sweet, A nice gentle ...Rate it

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The First Embrace
Henrik Wergeland
Come to me, grief, on my bosom press, Lest it should burst with joy’s excess: Heaven, with disaster, hell, with your pains, Calm its commotion. For...Rate it

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Those Who embrace
Nikhil Parekh
Those who embrace exuberantly sparkling happiness, Inevitably have to accept deplorably despicable sadness; ooze tears of inexplicable sorrow; at ...Rate it

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When I Embrace You
Subhashchandra Adhav
When I Embrace You When I embrace you You seem to me a butterfly Cause of my Paramount joy When romantic words You utter Like fragile wings Your ...Rate it

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your embrace
maya brown
i can still hear the clock ticking i can still feel you here in my heart i can still see the shadow of your touch but you're not here to show me t...Rate it

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