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A Bed of Diamonds
Cameron N
Sometimes I think that the stars are touchable things So I reach into the dark sky But my hand always whisks through cold night air I’ve realized T...Rate it

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Christmas Gifts-Stars and Diamonds
John Thomas
What meaningful Christmas gifts shall I buy? The Heavenly star symbolise Christ's birth So, ear studs with hanging stars I can try As the candle...Rate it

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Diamonds and pearls
Damaged throughout life Yet, I'm still here My back there's a knife But there's no tears Bruised and broken Far beyond repair My eyes are open Lif...Rate it

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Diamonds In The Rough
Kurt Philip Behm
I write for the diamonds, all quartz to be damned The populace deafened, and jaded demand That anything selfish, their wills to be pawned My jew...Rate it

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Diamonds On Mars
Margo Marie Morlock
You briefly reminded me of my beauty And penetrated my heart with longing desires. It rains diamonds on mars, quietly you said. My diamonds lie in ...Rate it

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Diamonds To Shine
Donald James Kirby Von Koehler
Diamonds To Shine I used to believe in society's lies, Then I had to look beyond the alibis. I had walked along with head low hung, Forgetting th...Rate it

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Many people think they last forever, That metaphysical/factual, treasure? Greig's a Dad... couldn't be richer: Artistically created a new pleasure!...Rate it

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Eyes Are Diamonds
Mario William Vitale
Her eyes are diamonds, her lips are ruby red, her skins like chocolarte, cant get her out my head, her beauty is more mysterious than the darksi...Rate it

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little sparkling diamonds
little sparkling diamonds are falling from your eyes ~ the sweet perfume of flowers is exuded in your sighs ~ notes of fair voices singing are m...Rate it

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When Diamonds are a Legend
Emily Dickinson
When Diamonds are a Legend, And Diadems—a Tale— I Brooch and Earrings for Myself, Do sow, and Raise for sale— And tho' I'm scarce accounted, My Ar...Rate it

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