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Seema Tabassum Ali
In the morning every day Coffee..coffee as my heart cries I take a sip and rest with ease At times with a sombre smile Tea is my best past time, A...Rate it

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Daily, Daily, Sing The Praises
Sabine Baring-Gould
Daily, daily, sing the praises Of the city God hath made; In the beauteous fields of Eden Its foundation stones are laid. Refrain O that I had wi...Rate it

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Daily Convergence’s
Brian Oliveri
Automatic shutoff head focus pressure, switch Maximum stability profile remembering replacement, twitch Certified otherworldly dimensions ligh...Rate it

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daily life
Jet Rood
As the wind howls through the trees and the raindrops torture the leaves I look outside my window I feel a little awkward today disconnected wit...Rate it

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Daily Miracles
Eliza Maria de Lima Oliveira
I can gaze at the beauty of the oceans, Listen to the music of the falls And find magic in a virgin forest. I can see the colors in the gardens, S...Rate it

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Daily News
Sean Taylor
Swooning beneath the weight of Utopia Two girls threw themselves from the overpass last night. The paper had nothing to say Of their goals, the des...Rate it

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Daily Prayer
Joshua Derek Weightman
Learn the power of friendship Every day brings new hope Always strive to better yourself Never give up on your dreams No one can stop you Enjoy eve...Rate it

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Dear Daily Diary
Melita Catalina Warren
On God’s good planet earth I knew paradise here on Willow. Yes, this woman finds worth, Sailing in dreams upon ocean’s billow. For better or wors...Rate it

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.
H P Nichols
Give us this day our daily bread; Oh! children, when you pray, And morn and night repeat these words, Think what it is you say. You never asked...Rate it

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Our Daily Bread
Clive Staples Lewis
We need no barbarous words nor solemn spell To raise the unknown. It lies before our feet; There have been men who sank down into Hell In some su...Rate it

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Our Daily Bread
Robert William Service
"Give me my daily bread. It seems so odd, When all is done and said, This plea to God. To pray for cake might be The thing to do; But bread, it see...Rate it

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Portraits are to daily faces
Emily Dickinson
Portraits are to daily faces As an Evening West, To a fine, pedantic sunshine— In a satin Vest! Rate it

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Sun's daily routine
Uma Natarajan
Takes up a daily round Makes all bound Some get scared Feel sleepy and tired Often lazy and dull Dislike it's call Clever sun supervises Without fa...Rate it

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Sun's daily sleep
Uma Natarajan
Sun daily goes to sleep By evening it would not listen any beep It would just go down and disappear The sea would hide it back and would pamper Dur...Rate it

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The Daily Practice of Fearless Diving
The diving board is wide awake, bouncing with anticipation The diver’s body shakes in a helpless weep: Reality is too high! Demands are too deep! T...Rate it

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To The Rev. Dr. Thomas Amory, On Reading His Sermons On Daily Devotion, In Which that Duty Is Recommended And Assisted
Phillis Wheatley
TO cultivate in ev'ry noble mind Habitual grace, and sentiments refin'd, Thus while you strive to mend the human heart, Thus while the heav'nly pre...Rate it

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