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Paul Laurence Dunbar
VILLAIN shows his indiscretion, Villain's partner makes confession. Juvenile, with golden tresses, Finds her pa and dons long dresses. Scapegrace c...Rate it

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"Final Curtain"
Eric Selorio
" Final Curtain " Reaching the final stride There is nothing left to hide Dreams are no longer reality It's just plain ashes of old fan...Rate it

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Although the curtain falls
Shirley Pierce
There comes a time for all of us, when we must say good-bye But faith and hope and love and trust, can never really die. Although the curtain falls...Rate it

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Behind The Curtain
Kurt Philip Behm
Is something unphysical in charge of this world That lines every moment, unseen and unfurled Scientists say NO, breathing fire as they shout Wha...Rate it

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Bringing The Curtain Down
Kurt Philip Behm
I offered you everything; you took it all Leaving me nothing —no last curtain call (Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2020)Rate it

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Curtain Down
Dave Ratcliffe
Curtain Down Constant reminders of past times together are everywhere and so I am left here among the remains of a tragic playhouse theatre where...Rate it

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Last Curtain
Rabindranath Tagore
I know that the day will come when my sight of this earth shall be lost, and life will take its leave in silence, drawing the last curtain over ...Rate it

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Last Curtain To Fall
Kurt Philip Behm
The older I get The less people to call Is it by choice My spirit’s downfall The older I get The less then to care A life once so pointed With ...Rate it

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The Curtain
Gamaliel Bradford
Others may seem gay and certain, Steering one unbroken line. But lift up the heart's dim curtain, It might prove as frail as mine. Full of shift a...Rate it

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The curtain
Tom Hendy
The curtain was pulled, wrenched off and peeled back, No ordinary curtain, we know that's a fact. What lay behind cannot be placed into language, ...Rate it

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The Curtain Falls
Kurt Philip Behm
The tyranny of the majority, democracy oversold The power of the people to cut and paste, fat cats in control ‘Oh Ye Of Little Faith’ we are, l...Rate it

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Upon the Curtain of Lucasta's Picture, It was Thus Wrought
Richard Lovelace
Oh, stay that covetous hand; first turn all eye, All depth and minde; then mystically spye Her soul's faire picture, her faire soul's, in all So...Rate it

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