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I lived not knowing that deep depression was her rotten curse she was sitting in the back of the classroom looking kinda hurt planned it all out in...Rate it

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A Curse For A Nation
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I heard an angel speak last night, And he said 'Write! Write a Nation's curse for me, And send it over the Western Sea.' I faltered, taking u...Rate it

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A Joy - A Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Loving one woman… a joy unto heaven Loving two women… a curse upon the soul (Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)Rate it

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The curse of the black cat
Keith Rideout
Ron and I were walking on our way home from school A black cat crosses our pathway and it turns our heads We chase after the cat to scare the dick...Rate it

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A Curse for Kings
Vachel Lindsay
A curse upon each king who leads his state, No matter what his plea, to this foul game, And may it end his wicked dynasty, And may he die in exile ...Rate it

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A Heart's Curse
Christina Thornton
I am not so much a woman scorned as I am a woman forlorn Grown tired of loving a man that professes that he cannot love her back Not because she...Rate it

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Adam's Curse
William Butler Yeats
WE sat together at one summer's end, That beautiful mild woman, your close friend, And you and I, and talked of poetry. I said, 'A line will take u...Rate it

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Bachelor’s Curse
Poem Stranger
The curse of a woman, quite unruly. Since the spell my nights pass bluely, Completely filled with night mares truly, as Cupid smiles upon me cruell...Rate it

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Circadian Rhythm Curse
Alexander Lim
Half-past midnight and I'm deep into my thoughts. Morning's struggles leave me flat on my feet. Cold showers do as much good as a glass of warm mil...Rate it

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Cupid's Curse
Foyez Syed
Cupid missed you and instead pierced my heart. I once bled red, now I bleed black. I have seen the light. How can I go back? Oh cupid! How you betr...Rate it

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Envy Is A Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Envy is a curse, with the darkest shadow All yearning left unsettled, --- in a greenish cast Jealousy its evil twin, beyond veracity’s pur...Rate it

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Envy Is A Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Envy is a curse with the darkest shadow Its yearning left unsettled in a greenish cast Jealousy its evil twin beyond veracity’s purview Co...Rate it

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Freedom is also called a curse
Serenity Mondy
The day I lost my freedom But learned how to survive As the angels ripped out my wings I fell from the sky Not knowing where I was More angels fel...Rate it

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Gift To A Curse
Marcus DeStorm
Curse these my eyes in this romantic light For they sparkle and shimmer love and lust, Before me are women on weakened knees As with their heart's ...Rate it

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Greed is curse
Amir Samji
Greed is curse Neither I am in need of anything; nor in greed of anything Whatever I have feel contended; and feel I have everything What you will ...Rate it

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His Curse- a story of El Dorado
An innocent man turned into a greedy one. That greedy man turned insane. And soon the insane man turned old. His horse's feet slowly clipped cloppe...Rate it

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Holy Curse
Ani Shahverdyan
i`m sorry for breaking the silence with no intention to please i`ve been a disaster queen from the very first phase my love comes with the wind and...Rate it

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Life's Greatest Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
To be loved but not liked… the greatest curse of all With joy in abeyance so near—yet so far (Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2018)Rate it

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Love's Curse ~ Aug. 24, 2020
Cheyenne Seaman
Red hair, dark green eyes; She stole my heart like a vixen in the night. Brown eyes, auburn hair, That's the guy for whom she does care. Close fri...Rate it

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Meg's Curse
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The sun rode high in a cloudless sky Of a perfect summer morn. She stood and gazed out into the street, And wondered why she was born. On the topmo...Rate it

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Millennial's Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Earbuds in and phone in hand, millennial’s converse Language distant, eyes unshared, their lives on hold—obverse (Villanova Pennsylvania: Apri...Rate it

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New Millennium's Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Compression ingestion The world to implode The numbers decreasing —resistance explodes From diamond to carbon Wheels spin in reverse The groundh...Rate it

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New Millennium's Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Compression ingestion The world to implode The numbers decreasing —all resistance explodes From diamond to carbon Wheels spin in reverse The groun...Rate it

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New Millenniums Curse
Kurt Philip Behm
Compression ingestion The world starts to implode The numbers insipient —any space now in rows From diamond to carbon Spinning wheels in reverse T...Rate it

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On winning, a curse on me & watchin' Your six
Richard Stephan
All the cash in the world won't help you when you gotta go It's all a matter of knowing that you're sleeping and dreaming All of this from birth to...Rate it

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