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Capture the Rapture
Linda D. Blakely
As the soft winds caress the trees in hula-hymns I dance in a sailor's violet-blue dream he sends Etched in a moon-drenched sky endless with time W...Rate it

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Completely Capture
Nikhil Parekh
Her royally emollient eyelashes were the ones which timelessly flirted me; eternally drowning me into an unfathomable sea of seductively untamed mi...Rate it

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On the Capture and Imprisonment of Crazy Snake, January, 1900
Alexander Posey
Down with him! chain him! bind him fast! Slam to the iron door and turn the key! The one true Creek, perhaps the last To dare declare, “You...Rate it

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The Capture
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Duck come switchin' 'cross de lot Hi, oh, Miss Lady! Hurry up an' hide de pot Hi, oh, Miss Lady! Duck's a mighty 'spicious fowl, Slick as snake an'...Rate it

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The Capture of Havana
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year 1762 that France and Spain Resolved, allied together, to crush Britain; But the British Army sailed from England in May, And arri...Rate it

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The Capture of Lucknow
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas near the Begum Kothie the battle began, Where innocent blood as plentiful as water ran; The Begum Kothie was a place of honour given to the 9...Rate it

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To Capture And Know
Kurt Philip Behm
Trapping that one line, the truth to follow Couplets misleading, away from the bait Seasoned with hope, the first cut the deepest One maxim, one...Rate it

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